Lil Snupe Dead? New Details On Reported Shooting Say 18-Year-Old Meek Mill Protege Shot And Killed [REPORT & TWITTER REACTIONS]

By Staff Reporter June 20, 2013 11:47 AM EDT
Lil Snupe

Lil Snupe (right), who was recently signed to Meek Mill's record label, was reportedly shot to death over $100. (Photo: Video Screenshot)

Rapper Lil Snupe has reportedly died. The news was first reported by, which claims that the up-and-coming artist was shot to death. It is unclear yet if these Lil Snupe death rumors are true, but a man who claims to be the rapper's manager also tweeted the news.

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"The call I got this morning is un real RIP 2 my Lil ni**a @lilsnupe," he wrote.

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According to, the 18-year-old Lil Snupe recently signed to Meek Mill's record label. Meek apparently signed the youngster less than a half hour after receiving his mixtape.

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"He was spittin' so much pain, he's from the south with a flow like an east coast guy," Meek said. "Like with that bounce flow, all over the place, he really can spit, and he was talking that talk that I can really relate to. I seen potential in him."

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Meek Mill even reportedly used Lil Snupe in a rap battle aginst Retro, who was signed to the record label of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Snupe apparently won the battle, much to Jackson's chagrin. You can watch video of that battle below.

Meek, meanwhile, has neither confirmed or denied Lil Snupe's supposed death. Instead, he sent out the below cryptic tweet early Thursday morning.

"tell lil snupe hit me up right now!!" Meek wrote.

While it is too early to tell if these Lil Snupe death rumors are true, the news is certainly making a buzz on Twitter. Here is some reaction to his reported death.

"This kid was my favorite rapper this year!" wrote @EdwardCastillo1. "Had so much potential to be great."

"Lil Snupe was so talented had a whole life ahead of him," wrote @Elizabethpink10. "He was already doing big things. #RIPLilSnupe."

"Lil Snupe was out here grinding harder than most of these rappers man, and he gone already," wrote @ItsTheGumby.

"He had a chance to let his voice be heard as much as he could so his music will live on forever #RIPLilSnupe," wrote @ShesADopekiid

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