Twins Rubber Bands: Watch Hilarious Laughing Babies Clip And 5 More Hysterical Baby YouTube Classics! [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter June 20, 2013 11:07 AM EDT
Twins, rubber bands, cabinets: A recipe for laughs! (Photo: YouTube)
Twins, rubber bands, cabinets: A recipe for laughs! (Photo: YouTube)

Two twins, two rubber bands, and two cabinet knobs make for two minutes of giggles in the latest “babies laughing” YouTube video to go viral. In the video, two twin babies are having more fun than you’ve probably had all week as they marvel at the magic of elasticity.

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Each twin has a rubber band hooked over a cabinet knob, and they crack up as they stretch the bands out and let them snap back to their original shape. The game is so fun the babies tumble to the floor more than once in their enthusiasm.

 Twins Rubber Bands
Check out the twins and rubber bands video above for a nice dose of laughs. And if you’re craving more adorable baby videos when it’s done, check out our top picks for hilarious laughing baby videos!

Baby Ripping Paper
Can you remember the last time you laughed as hard as this baby does over the sight and sound of paper being ripped into pieces? Just when you think he must be about to get tired of the shredding, he cracks up again. No need for fancy toys here!

Baby Laughing At Weird Noises
This baby laughs so hard that a couple of times he looks like he might pass out!

Twin Baby Boys Laughing At Each Other
More twins! What’s making them crack up? Are they telepathically trading knock-knock jokes?

Hysterical Baby, Bubbles, And Dog
So cute! As the dog jumps and chomps at the bubbles, the baby laughs hysterically!

Dog Imitates Baby
Another cute dog and baby YouTube hit. While there’s not much laughter in this video, the baby is having tons of fun blabbering at the family husky, who copies every sound he makes. It sort of sounds like they’re having a debate.

 What’s your favorite hilarious baby video?
Did we include any of your favorites? What’s your favorite funny baby viral video? Share it with us in the comments!

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