‘The Voice’ Winner? Watch Adam Levine's Choice Danielle Bradbery Sing Before Tonight's Finale [VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter June 18, 2013 2:54 PM EDT
Why did Adam Levine pick Danielle Bradbery for 'The Voice' winner? (Reuters)
Why did Adam Levine pick Danielle Bradbery for 'The Voice' winner? (Reuters)

Who will be The Voice winner? Although Adam Levine has no singers left on the NBC competition, Levine is picking Team Blake Shelton's Danielle Bradbery as his The Voice winner. But why did Levine choose Bradbery as The Voice winner?

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After Bradbery's performance of "Maybe It Was Memphis" on The Voice last night, Levine crowned her as his The Voice winner. "The crazy thing about your voice is it's just so unbelievably perfect and powerful. It's one of the better voices I think I've ever heard live. ...And I'm just gonna go ahead and say, I think Danielle's [the] winner of this thing," Levine said.

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Levine also said he thought Bradbery was The Voice winner because Shelton did the right thing with the youngest Voice contestant. "I have always been insanely jealous of Blake for snagging you in the beginning of this [contest], and I still am. I hate you Blake, so much. But I also love you, because you did the right thing with Danielle," Levine said.

After Levine's comments about The Voice winner, Shelton gave his pal a standing ovation. "It's hard for me to even look at you. I'm one of the millions of people out there that you have wrapped around your finger. Thank God that you came to The Voice to debut yourself. Because you are such an important person to music and I can't say enough about you," Shelton said to Bradbery.

Levine had to apologize to Usher for picking Bradbery as The Voice winner. "Usher, it kills me to have to say that. I don't wanna say it's Blake," Levine said on The Voice. "I think you're one of the most important artists we've ever seen walk across this stage," Shelton continued about Bradbery.

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Shelton has the best chance to have a Voice winner since he has two acts left in the competition, Bradbery and The Swon Brothers. Usher has Michelle Chamuel left. Chamuel sang "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift last night. "You're needed out there as an artist," Shakira said on The Voice. Usher said Chamuel was the winner, but that's not surprising since he is her Voice coach. Shelton also called her a "rock star." Chamuel later performed "Why" by Annie Lennox. "I think that she's phenomenal," Usher said.

Levine's Voice winner Bradbery also performed "Born To Fly" by Sara Evans. "If I only knew that Nashville wasn't a state, she'd be on my team," Usher said laughing. "You, my friend, are definitely a special thing."

Catch The Voice finale tonight at 9 pm on NBC.

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