Christina Aguilera's Crazy, Expensive Diet: $14K A Year For Fresh Diet Delivery; Was It Worth The Money? [PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter May 30, 2013 3:35 PM EDT
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Christina Aguilera's body has been looking fierce lately! The 32-year-old singer showed off her new slim figure at the Time 100 Gala in April, and has been toning her stellar bod ever since. So what is Aguilera's secret to shedding pounds? Well, it's quite easy. Spend money!

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According to reports Aguilera's slimming success has been attributed to her eating habits. Over the past few months the singer has been dieting by ordering food from the home-delivery service The Fresh Diet. The health kick consists of three fresh gourmet meals and two snacks delivered to your door in a convenient fashion, and features an eclectic menu of food options like pesto couscous stuffed tomatoes and pork stir-fry. The diet is perfect for the singer who is always on the move because the meal doesn't require cooking, counting, or cleaning up. You just simply eat and enjoy! And that is exactly what Aguilera is doing.

The singer is flaunting her new trim figure by wearing short dresses that show off her toned legs and flat stomach. Did you see the former The Voice coach at the event that celebrated the Most 100 Influential People? Aguilera rocked a low-cut Victoria Beckham dress that hugged her fabulous curves in the most appealing way. We definitely had to take a double take at this blonde beauty's body.

However, the singer's body has come at a cost ... and a hefty one at that. The singer's diet plan costs a whopping $1,394.69 a month for the hand-delivered food plan. But when you're in the eye of the public we suppose every penny is worth spending on your appearance, right?

Aguilera has received her fair share of criticism over the past few years for her voluptuous figure. After the star gave birth to her son Max in 2008 it seemed as if she couldn't get rid of the baby weight. Despite the scrutiny over the weight gain Aguilera tried not to let the comments of others' affect her self esteem. "I embrace my body, and I embrace everything about myself. Coming full circle is a celebration of freedom and happiness," the five-time Grammy Award-winner said last year. "I'm embracing everything that I've grown to be and learned to be."

Looks like the negative response from others just made Aguilera that much stronger! The singer took the criticism and applied it in a positive way. Not only was the pop star getting fit in the kitchen, but she was also working out with her personal trainer Tree Sorage. Look what a little time at the gym can do!

We commend Aguilera's effort for getting in shape, but we're a little reluctant to give her the praise of the century. Maybe we're just a little envious we don't have 14 grand lying around to spend on fitness. Nevertheless, congratulations Christina. You look great!


  • 10 pictures

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