Rosedale Train Wreck: Watch Shocking Explosion Video! Train Derailed Near Baltimore; Are People Trapped? [VIDEO, PHOTOS & REPORT]

By Beth Roeser May 28, 2013 4:11 PM EDT
A train derailed in Rosedale, Maryland Tuesday, causing a major explosion and a hazardous materials situation. (Photo: Twitter / CNN)
A train derailed in Rosedale, Maryland Tuesday, causing a major explosion and a hazardous materials situation. (Photo: Twitter / CNN)

A freight train derailed in Rosedale, Maryland on Tuesday in an accident involving a truck anand resulting in the evacuation of a half-mile area, according to a Baltimore County police official who declined to be named. The official did not identify the type of truck or explain how it was involved.

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Video of the Rosedale train derailment shows at least five train cars off of the track, with clouds of white and black smoke rising in separate columns from the wreckage. The half-mile area Rosedale evacuation was sparked by hazardous materials involved in the crash. The train derailed in the White Marsh area in the 7500 block of Lake Drive, close to an industrial park. Several industrial buildings reportedly collapsed because of the Rosedale derailment, and traffic was diverted from the Pulaski Highway.

The explosion following the train wreck in Rosedale can be seen in shocking detail in the following video, taken by a witness nearby. (Warning: explicit language.)

Traffic was jammed all along the Pulaski Highway as emergency workers raced toward the Rosedale train wreck and fire. But not everyone could get close. Residents on their way home were not allowed back into the area. Baltimore City's Office of Emergency Management posted on Twitter advising all to "Avoid the 21237" zip code area following the Rosedale train derailment.

The Rosedale train wreck involved an explosion that shattered windows and lightbulbs nearby. At the Atlantic Tire shop, employee Matt Ashline and his co-workers watched garage lights explode during the blast. "Definitely catches you off guard," Ashiline said. "I want to get over there [with the emergency crews]."

Other residents of the area reported feeling a "shockwave" from the blast. "Dogs and I all jumped," wrote one. "Neighbor said her curtains blew in!" "It was enough to scare the living bejeezus out of you," said an employee of S. DiPaula and Sons Seafood, across the highway from the scene of the Rosedale train wreck. Another added that the explosion "felt like a bomb going off" and compared the blast to a major earthquake felt in the area two years before.

"It was worse than the earthquake," that resident said.

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