Legend Of Korra Season 2 Release Date: New Artwork, Clips, And Hints Revealed. Check Out Latest News About The Animated Series [VIDEO/PHOTOS]

By iDesign Times Reporter May 13, 2013 3:02 PM EDT
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A Legend Of Korra Season 2 Release Date could possibly be right around the corner as just last week Nickelodeon teased a new clip from the much anticipated animated series. Though at this point an exact release date for Legend of Korra Season 2 has yet to be firmly pinned down, Nickelodeon let slip that it would be sometime later this year. Legend of Korra is just one of several animated shows Nickelodeon will be bringing back.

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Nickelodean Reveals New Legend Of Korra Season 2 Clip: Is Release Date Near?

The most recent Legend of Korra Season 2 scene, which was revealed last week, is the second one we've seen thus far - the first debuting at the San Diego Comic Con. While the clip is currently unavailable for viewing, once it becomes available we'll be sure to feature it.

So what was learned about the upcoming season 2 of Legends of Korra from the scene clip? According to IGN, the scene was action-packed featuring a battle between Korra and a spirit. Here's what they had to say:

"The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, "Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?", only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, ultimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground"

Of course this description should put us in mind of the first video clipped revealed at Comic Con as it also featured a vicious encounter with a spirit. It's possible the two may be connected but at this point no one knows for sure.

This awesome scene reveal according to Rich Magallanes of Nickelodean, gives big pointers and hints as to what the entire plot of The Legend of Korra Season 2 will be like when it releases. A focus on the Spirit World and the human world colliding Season two is sure to be something worth watching when the release date finally arrives.

New Legend Of Korra Art Released By Dark Horse Comics

In addition to this scene reveal by Nickelodean, we also saw the release of some incredible Legend of Korra art to be featured in an upcoming book by Dark Horse Comics . The artwork is stunning and leaves us foaming at the mouth to see the second season get up and going. With new features like this being revealed daily it seems to us the season 2 launch date has to be right around the corner. To view the artwork, check out the slide show posted above or click here to start the slideshow

Could Legend Of Korra Season 2 Be Coming Soon? The Last Airbender Removed From Netflix

Of course this video clip and new artwork are not the only reason we think the Legend of Korra Season 2 release could be right around the corner. Though it's a long shot, some information gleaned from a pretty avid blogger on the topic leads us to believe the release date is close at hand indeed. Here's what the awesome Korra-centered blog called avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com, stated a couple days ago.

"When I was browsing Netflix Instant yesterday after school, I came across something rather shocking. Netflix announced that they would be removing Avatar: The Last Airbender from their Instant Streaming selection on May 22nd. "

Of course it's possible that a license has expired but it also seems to indicate that a new season may well be on its way, which would replace The Last Air Bender. We know it's a bit of a long shot but it's something worth keeping in mind. Add that to some of the other Legend Of Korra rumors that have emerged recently which we listed below and well, it looks like if we're lucky we could possibly see a summer debut.

Legend Of Korra Book 2 Engineer Shares Photos and Clues to Release Date

The final support for a possible nearing release date for Legend of Korra Season 2 centers around a sound engineer, Aran Tanchum, for one of the Legend of Korra avatars. On his personal Tumblr page, Tanchum recently posted some revealing messages along with photos of he and his team hard at work. Here's what they had to say:

"Music, sound effects and foley spotting session for a Legend of Korra Book 2 episode with Mike, Bryan, Ben and Jeremy."

Though this may not sound like a hige hint, according to iDigitalTimes, there may be more to this message than meet the eye. It seems iDigital Times Staff spoke with an experienced audio engineer for insight about the message to which he offered this reply:

"Yeah [Legend of Korra season 2 is almost finished] especially if they're doing sound effects and foley. But that's a lot of work and sounds very ambiguous. All three of those things take teams of people and lots of time. I could confidently say that 100% of the time, foley is only cut when after the scene is edited."

Of course it could be that the scene was simple one the most recently revealed clip for Season 2 featured by Nickelodeon last week, but still we like to remain optimistic that perhaps it means a release will be sooner rather than later.


What do you think? Is Legend Of Korra Season 2 Release Date Near or have we still got a while yet to go? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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