Kate Moss Poses Naked For Fake Tan Giant St Tropez [PHOTOS]

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter May 9, 2013 4:56 AM EDT
The first ever advertising campaign of fake tan giant St Tropez has Kate Moss stripping down to her naked form. (Reuters)
The first ever advertising campaign of fake tan giant St Tropez has Kate Moss stripping down to her naked form. (Reuters)

Kate Moss might be hitting 40, but the model is not one to shy away when it comes to stripping her clothes. The British model has been uninhibited when it comes to posing nude and yet another advertiser has lured in the supermodel to pose naked for its product.

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This time, it’s for fake tan giant St Tropez, which is gearing up to launch its first advertising campaign. And St Tropez decided the best way to exalt the benefits of the product is to show it applied on to Kate’s naked form.

For instance, one photograph has the British model lounging by a pool wearing nothing but the fake tan. As Kate is lying on her stomach, her modesty is preserved by strategically positing her arms to cover her breasts. Another picture shows Kate relaxing in a white bikini, and the light color of the beachwear is used to highlight the dark shade of the tan.

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Speaking about the benefits of the product, Kate told the Daily Mail that she has been using the product since she was in her 20s. “I have used St.Tropez since it started. Around 15 years ago, the first time I went to Ibiza I didn’t want to be the only white person on the beach so I had a St.Tropez.

“St.Tropez do it so well that you do look natural, you don’t have that fear which I always did of going streaky and not being able to fix it – total nightmare. There is no reason to go around with that pasty pallor anymore, which is really exciting,” she added.

Considering Kate has been using the tanning lotion for years now, it is no wonder she is forever ready to strip and flaunt her bronzed skin. For instance, early this year Kate posed with Rihanna for a photo shoot that had the model naked. RiRi’s body covered the model’s modesty in the S&M-themed shoot, which was featured on V Magazine.

Late last year, another photograph of a naked Kate made it to Interview magazine’s cover, and this time her modesty was preserved by friend Naomi Campbell, whose bare twin assets grabbed the limelight.

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