Three Bodies Found On Farm: Who Is Dead In Kansas Garage? Victims Discovered After Bad Smell Reported, Is It Missing Person Kaylie Bailey And Baby Lana? [VIDEO, PHOTO & REPORT]

By iDesignTimes Reporter May 8, 2013 9:55 AM EDT
Three Bodies Found On Farm

Three Bodies Found On Farm: Who Is Dead In Kansas Garage? (Photo: YouTube)

Three bodies were found on a farm in East-Central Kansas on Monday. The three victims were found dead on a rural property in eastern Kansas. Friends of the residents called the police to report a bad smell at the property, and when the authorities arrived to check it out, they discovered the bodies.

The three bodies were found on a farm west of Ottawa, about 60 miles southwest of Kansas. The bodies consist of two adult men and one woman, according to Sheriff Jeff Richards at a news conference. "We have three homicides on a very large scene," Richards attested.

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The three bodies found on the farm first aroused suspicion on Sunday, when Korni McGill and Corey Schlotzhauer went to check on a friend that had not been heard from since April 25, 2013. They smelled a foul odor coming from the south side of the home and therefore called the police.

The bodies weren't found that day, although sheriff's deputies did report to the home to investigate the smell. The police went into the home and came out 10-15 minutes later, dismissing the bad smell as simply garbage and left the scene.

The friends of the residents of the property went to the farm on Monday to re-investigate the smell and feed the resident's dog. and saw a dead body in the garage, covered by a tarp and weighed down with a cinderblock. At first it seemed to be a pile of junk, but soon they realized it was a body that appeared to have decayed.

"I reached down and saw teeth through the square in the cinderblock. I said, 'Corey, there's a body here,'" said Kortni McGill of Ottawa. She was accompanied by Schlotzhauer, 26, and Shona Osladil, 21, on that fateful afternoon. A bag of baby clothes was also seen on top of the tarp, and they called 911 again. Outside the farm's garage entrance where the bodies were found was a burn barrel that had baby clothes, a baby bottle and a girl's sleeping bag. McGill also reported a pair of baby's socks on the ground that appeared to be clean despite recent weather such as rain.

The identities of the three bodies that were found on the farm have not been released yet, and exactly how they were killed remains a secret untold by Richards. One of the three bodies found on the farm may include a suburban Kansas City mother who has been missing with her 18-month-old baby since last week. Authorities are currently investigating if the two instances are connected in any way.

As of now, the bodies found on the farm have not been identified as Kaylie Bailey, 21, and her daughter Lana. According to Olathe Police Sargent Brad Caldwell, they were last seen Wednesday and reported as missing on Friday. Kortni McGill and Shona Osladil knew Kaylie Bailey her whole life and said that she had a relationship with the house's resident. She planned to drop off her baby there on Wednesday.

The investigation of the bodies found on the farm involves more than 40 detectives from various agencies. The Olathe police are only involved because of the open missing person case of Kaylie and Lana Bailey, said Caldwell. "We are waiting for confirmation that it may or may not be Kaylie, and once we know, it will determine what direction we go from there," Caldwell added.

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