Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: Graphic Video Of Film Goes Viral; Why Does ‘Teen Mom’ Refuse To Watch The Sexy Movie? [VIDEO & REPORT]

By Staff Reporter May 6, 2013 5:37 PM EDT
Farrah Abraham's sex tape with porn giant James Deen has leaked.
Farrah Abraham's sex tape with porn giant James Deen has leaked.

Farrah Abraham's sex tape has been officially released today by Vivid Entertainment, and the MTV Teen Mom star is absolutely thrilled with the edited version.

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"I am very pleased with the outcome and to have this opportunity to be an entrepreneur in another unexpected light in my life." Although Abraham refuses to watch the dirty film made with porn star James Deen, you can totally check out the leaked footage.

You Can Watch The Leaked Footage Here

"Well looks like Vivid released their version of my video...ya I'm not watching, but thank you all for the positive compliments #XXX," Abraham continued to tweet. "I know what's out-Don't talk to [me] about it. Thanks."

The seven-figure, X-rated film is titled "Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom" and the Vivid synopsis of the "secret private sex tape" is:

Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape: A Porn Star Body Takes Work! 'Teen Mom' Star's Exercise Secrets Revealed!

From Iowa cheerleader to MTV Teen Mom star, midwest beauty Farrah Abraham breaks free with her most daring video ever, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Made originally as a personal 'boudoir' tape, Farrah decided to release the video to her fans due to overwhelming response once news of the tape became public. Shockingly explicit, she takes James Deen as you'd never imagine, in a backdoor scene you'll never forget. With her tight young body and totally uninhibited sexuality, it's no wonder why she wanted to capture this moment in time. And now you can too!

Farrah Abraham's sex tape goes viral after the film is leaked.
Farrah Abraham's sex tape goes viral after the film is leaked.

Abraham acknowledged that the sex tape was a risky move for the young mother to take. "I feel comfortable having given the rights to Vivid, a company I know can handle the media and press surrounding my sexuality."

The single mom continued to defend her sex tape saying that the film was a celebration of her body and youth.

Farrah Abraham Full Video: Will Shocking Sex Tape Turn Into Custody Battle? 'Teen Mom' Says She Has No Shame In Showing Daughter The Graphic Video

"So on the real, what would you do? You have been a single mother for four years, off and on dating loser-a-boys who always try to sell information, lie to you, manipulate, and you've just realized you're an awesome person and you deserve someone," Abraham continued. "Now that you've been 21 and you've been crying every night because you're single and you're alone, and so you make your own video to celebrate your awesome body, get your own sexy shots."

So what is the MTV star going to do with her new found income? Although Abraham said she wouldn't release her sex tape for less than a couple million the Teen Mom settled for the seven figures.

"I am happy with the settlement I have reached with what I feel to be the best adult entertainment company in the industry, Vivid," she told In Touch Weekly. "I look forward to my future goals of completing my master's degree and focusing on being a great mother for my daughter, as well as many other culinary business endeavors in my future."

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