Russell Westbrook Injury: How Serious Is Knee Surgery? Will NBA Recovery Time Be Long? [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter April 26, 2013 2:11 PM EDT
Russell Westbrook was injured on April 24 after colliding with Patrick Beverley (seen here). (Photo: Getty Images)
Russell Westbrook was injured during the NBA playoffs after colliding with Patrick Beverley (seen here). (Photo: Getty Images)

Russell Westbrook is one of the most talented players playing  in the NBA and is a huge asset for his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. So how did the OKC point guard injure his knee and is he out of the playoffs indefinitely?

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Unfortunately, yes. Today it was announced that Westbrook was out of the playoffs indefinitely for OKC and needed to get surgery right away. Westbrook needs surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee. General manager Sam Presti told ESPN on Friday that Westbrook's surgery hasn't been scheduled yet.

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Westbrook was injured in game 2 of the Western Conference playoffs in OKC's game against the Houston Rockets. Houston Rockets rookie Patrick Beverley lunged into Westbrook while trying to get a steal and Beverley's hip collided with Westbrook's knee.

"Our team is disappointed for Russell. We know what kind of competitor he is, how much he wants to be out there, but it's a medical decision," Presti said.

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Prior to this injury, Westbrook had never missed a game before during his 5 seasons in the NBA.

"Our team as a whole, we've got a resilient group of guys, a lot of character within that locker room and a group that enjoys playing together and has been through some adversities over the last several years that they've been together," Presti said. "We'd expect them to adjust, come together and have different guys step in and play well collectively."

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Although the Thunder haven't set a date for Westbrook's return, in comparison (according to, Metta World Peace (Los Angeles Lakers) also had a torn meniscus and returned in 2 weeks.

"Certainly Russell is a leader and core player for this team, but we are in the midst of the playoffs and I know other players are determined to step up and contribute. We have a resilient group of players who have always taken pride in playing as a team and that approach will continue," Presti also added.

Westbrook's OKC team is set to play the Rockets in game 3 on Sat. night in Houston.

Watch Westbrook play with Beverley below!

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