Julie Bowen Crush: Is Sofia Vergara The 'Modern Family' Star's Love? [VIDEO & REPORT]

By Staff Reporter April 25, 2013 12:18 PM EDT
Julie Bowen's crush seems to be her 'Modern Family' co-star Sofia Vergara! (Photo: Getty Images)
Julie Bowen's crush seems to be her 'Modern Family' co-star Sofia Vergara! (Photo: Getty Images)

Julie Bowen has a crush? Bowen recently said that she "worships" Modern Family co-star Sofia Vergara. Is that Bowen's ultimate girl crush?

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Kind of. Bowen admitted that her crush on Vergara actually goes further than a crush.

"I mean who doesn't" Bowen admitted about her crush. "I can't believe I said that, but yea Sofia."

"Sofia I know and see all the time. I respect her so much," Bowen told E! News about her crush, Vergara. "She is so comfortable being a woman. I'm more like pulling at my dress and feeling like my boobs shouldn't be doing whatever they're doing."

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"I sort of worship Sofia," Bowen continued. "A girl crush I feel like you would have on someone you don't know like Katy Perry, somebody far away."

Bowen's crush Vergara just actually launched a new shapewear collection for K-Mart.

"My shapewear launch is very exciting and really fun for me because the colors and materials are so sexy," Vergara said to WWD. "It's for the everyday woman who wants to look good without spending a lot of money on shapewear."

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WWD also reports that Bowen's crush Vergara will release her nine-piece shapewear line for K-Mart in June.

John Goodman, executive vice president of apparel and home for Sears Holdings Corp told WWD about Vergara, "We think Sofia has a great way about her. She's beautiful. She has a specific style and she truly represents the modern woman."

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We're sure Bowen agrees!

Vergara also told WWD that she feels like she's accomplished what she set out to do with K-Mart.

"This has been a great adventure starting with clothing and accessories, fine jewelry and watches, and most recently hosiery and underwear. Now with shapewear, we have covered most of the stuff I've wanted to do."

"I'm not really a designer," Vergara admitted "but my lines are based on what I like and what I wear. We have a lot of meetings and all of the product gets tried on by me."

Check out Bowen and her crush on the red carpet below!

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