Kelly Ripa: Why Doesn't 'Live!' Host See Ex-Partner Regis Philbin Anymore? [VIDEO, PHOTOS & REPORT]

By iDesignTimes Reporter April 12, 2013 10:39 AM EDT
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Kelly Ripa opened up about Regis Philbin to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Ripa was attending the THR 35 Most Powerful People in Media party in New York City, where attendees celebrated the issue's honorees. Kelly Ripa dished about the differences between her new and old sidekicks.

"Well, they're both incredible storytellers," Kelly Ripa said about both the 81-year-old Philbin and current Live! partner, 41-year-old ex-NFL superstar Michael Strahan. She joked, "They are both fiercely competitive, and they're both incredible football players." When asked whether Ripa has stayed in touch with Regis Philbin, she said plainly, "I haven't seen him, no."

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Kelly Ripa hasn't seen Regis Philbin since he left his post? Presumably, it's not due to bad blood. But we're disappointed to learn the pair aren't as close off-screen as they appeared to be on our television sets. Kelly and Regis had witty, warm repertoire every morning on Live!, but apparently it didn't spill over into the real world.

Kelly Ripa replaced Kathie Lee Gifford in 2001 as Philbin's co-star on Live!. Kathie Lee Gifford was Regis' partner on the show since 1988. After ten years together, Philbin retired in 2011 to look for new challenges. The television icon holds the Guinness Book record for hosting the most hours of TV, so we're not surprised he needed a change! Regis went on to write a new book, How I Got This Way.

Last September saw Michael Strahan take the seat alongside Kelly Ripa on the talker. Regis Philbin endorsed Strahan as his successor, telling Us Weekly: "He's got a good sense of humor. He's a good guy. I think they're doing great."

Kelly Ripa tested out 59 potential Regis fill-ins on the air in December, according to The Huffington Post. The star-studded lineup included Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian and Jerry Seinfeld. Ripa decided on Strahan, who is a former New York Giants player.

"It's so nice to have a co-host literally sweep you off your feet," Kelly Ripa said. "I know that he can bench press me if he wanted to."

After Kelly Ripa told THR that she hasn't seen Regis lately, she was asked to offer her thoughts on the infamous politician Anthony Weiner potentially running for mayor of New York City. "I say why not?" Kelly replied. "I love a political Cinderella story."

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