Mischa Barton’s Curves: Ups, Downs And How She Feels Now [VIDEO, PHOTOS & REPORT]

By Staff Reporter April 9, 2013 3:10 PM EDT
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Mischa Barton showed off her new figure this week in a pair of shredded, jean shorts. The 27-year-old soap opera star strutted around at Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles on April 8 letting the paparazzi get a glimpse of her fuller figure. Does this mean Barton is finally happy in her own skin?

The actress first started turning head as Marissa Cooper on the teen hit drama The O.C. The pencil-thin stunner quickly landed in countless magazines, and was immediately dubbed an "It Girl To Watch." But the constant limelight soon became unbearable for Barton, leaving the actress with countless self-esteem issues. The actress' weight began to fluctuate more than Chris Brown's and Rihanna's relationship status. And as we all know that's A LOT.

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Barton's weight would drastically change from looking almost skeletal to overly bloated in a matter of days and somehow the paparazzi would always manage to record it giving us a firsthand look at the actresses struggles.

Barton's weight would yo-yo during stressful moments of her life. "When her love life is out of sorts she just lets herself go and hits the party scene," a source said.

The actress' life became most tense when Barton's mug shot made it into almost every tabloid magazine in 2007. The O.C. star was arrested and briefly jailed on the suspicion of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana and driving without a valid license.

"I don't know what to say about it, except that I'm not perfect, and I just don't ever intend to do something this stupid again," Barton admitted.

Barton was making headlines for all the wrong reasons which is why the actress hired June Ambrose, a celebrity stylist, to help her revive the career that the paparazzi almost ended with their intrusive pictures.

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"Mischa was drowning and needed to take a break from the spotlight," her stylist said.

Ambrose who starred in VH's 1 reality series called Styled by June featured Barton in order to attempt to jump her career back to life.

"The paparazzi sucks the soul out of you," Barton said during Styled by June. "There [have] been a lot of negative things said, and I really feel like June could help me with that."

Ambrose's plan for reviving Barton's look was lacy frocks, soft hair and barely there makeup.

"She didn't want to be scantily clad," Ambrose explained. "And she wasn't yet secure enough to show her legs."

But oh how the times have changed! Barton is out and about strutting her curvier figure and she looks pretty content with her thicker thighs.

In 2009 the starlet was quoted saying from Cosmopoliton magazine that she is happy with her hips.

"It's human nature to be self-critical, but it's possible to like the way you look," Barton explained."I'm happy now - I wouldn't change my body, and I couldn't anyway"

The actress has someone managed to stay out of the limelight, but that era ended when she decided to take a stroll to get a fruit juice in L.A.

Welcome back to the world of media, Barton. Did you miss us?

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