Shain Gandee Funeral: ‘Buckwild’ Star Dead -- Will The MTV Series Continue? [VIDEO/REPORT]

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter April 2, 2013 3:37 PM EDT
how did Shain Gandee die

Watch the Shain Gandee MTV tribute live stream online in honor of the "Buckwild" star who died in a mudding accident. MTV tribute begins at 8pm EST (Photo: YouTube)

Shain Gandee, age 21 died Monday in a tragic mudding accident along side a family friend and his uncle. Funeral arrangements for the MTV Buckwild star are currently being planned and the date of Shane Gandee's funeral is set for Saturday, April 6th tentatively. Many at this point are wondering will Buckwild continue for a second season? The answers are here.

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What Happened to Shain Gandee? MTV Stars Funeral Arrangements in the Works

So what did happen to Shain Gandee? The fun loving carefree country boy that Gandee portrayed in his hit MTV series Buckwild is exactly who he was in real life, and sadly, it was his love for country fun that led to how Shane died.

Despite the unfortunate way he died -- from carbon monoxide poisoning, members of Gandee's family believe he died peacefully. According to one of Shain's cousins Ashley, on Facebook Tuesday, 

"The family feels that Shain died peacefully in his sleep without pain or suffering. That it was probably carbon monoxide poisoning."

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To help with Shane Gandee's funeral expenses, money is being collected at the family owned general store in Crown City, Ohio.

The accident that took Shane Gandee's life happened Monday in Sissonville W Va. Where the bodies of Shain, his uncle, and a family friend were all found on a muddy country road.

The group had left out early Sunday morning at 3 am with plans for some weekend four-wheeling. Little did they know, this was the last trip they would take together.

Shain Gandee, prior to his death, was the star of Buckwild, a new series on MTV that had seen 12 episodes. "Buckwild's" viewers fell in love with Gandee, the fun loving four-wheeling country boy from West Virginia.

Nicknamed, "Gandee Candy," everyone loved the way the star seemed to just be living his life, not embellishing or playing any role at all.

Prior to his death, Gandee held jobs in coal mining and as a garbage man, but hunting, four wheeling and "mudding'" were his favorite pastimes.

Gandee loved life and said as much in an interview with MTV.

"Actually, my life's pretty fun," he said. "I don't want it to change."

Will Buckwild Continue without Shain? MTV Say Show Is Indefintiely Suspended

It seems Shain played a central enough role in the minds and hearts of MTV producers that at this point the show has been suspended and there is no word on when it will go back on the air.

When Shane and the others were found dead, the Bronco they had been riding in was deep in a pit of mud and had to be removed by a bulldozer, Cpl. B.D. Humphreys with the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office said.

"The vehicle was upright in the mud, sitting unevenly. The passenger side was partially submerged, but the driver's side was completely above the mud, so it was possible to open it. The muffler was completely submerged," Humphreys said.

Humphreys believes the men fell asleep due to carbon monoxide build-up, still he cautions that this is only a theory.

"We have to wait and see what the medical examiner finds," he said.

 "That's kind of what we're thinking, but it's just one possibility."

Shain died in the truck with uncle David Gandee, 48, and Donald Robert Myers, 27.

As more news becomes available regarding Shane Gandee's death and the funeral arrangements for Shain, we will be sure to update. In the meantime, for further details on the accident, check out or earlier article below.

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