‘Shameless' Season 3 Finale Spoilers: Episode 12 Synopsis Leaks; Does Frank Die In 'Survival Of The Fittest'? [SPOILERS & VIDEO]

By Staff Reporter April 1, 2013 4:27 PM EDT
Frank's drinking puts him in the hospital in Season 3, Episode 12 of 'Shameless,' titled 'Survival of the Fittest.' Photo: Showtime
Frank's drinking puts him in the hospital in Season 3, Episode 12 of 'Shameless,' titled 'Survival of the Fittest.' Photo: Showtime

The season finale of Shameless airs this Sunday. Showtime has already renewed it for a fourth season, so at least we know this episode won't be the last! But things aren't looking good for the Gallagher clan.

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Lip is graduating from high school, the first Gallagher to finish (even Fiona didn't!), so the whole family is celebrating. Frank scams some money (obviously) and takes him out for a lobster dinner, but ends up in the hospital.

It looks like all his drinking is finally catching up to him. "You're not dead, but you will be soon if you don't stop drinking," a doctor tells him.

"You have children at home who love you," Fiona says (despite everything, that seems to be true). "What if I don't wanna change?" Frank replies, looking weary.

Last week, we didn't leave Jimmy in a very good place, either. Fiona thinks he's gone ahead to Michigan (and she's ok with it) but really, Estefania's father is incensed that she has been deported to Brazil and is holding Jimmy accountable. They boarded a boat together, but hopefully Jimmy won't face the same fate as Estefania's last lover, Marco.

Fiona asks his dad if he's heard from him, but they aren't exactly super close. "Any sign of conflict, he just disappears," he says, which is so not what Fiona wants to hear. She also runs into Beto, and starts to put things together with the whole Estefania situation.

"You obviously can't have a relationship with somebody that's not telling you who they really are or the troubles that they're really in," Emmy Rossum said. "I often wonder about how they could have better dealt with the situation if Fiona was in on all of his problems. These are problems the Gallaghers know how to deal with-thugs and violence and extortion. This is the Gallaghers' bread and butter. So it almost seems like hiding all of this from her was a mistake that'll have pretty big costs for him."

Although Fiona didn't cheat on Jimmy, she clearly has chemistry with her boss, and things got a little intense on the camping trip. "I could see something happening there, but at the same time, her heart and the last three years of her life have been with this guy [Jimmy]," Rossum said.

Ian, who clearly did not deal well with Mickey getting married (to a woman, no less) wants to enlist in the army. Active duty. It's not such a stretch (he did ROTC) but how will the rest of the family react?

The Season 3 finale, Episode 12, "Survival of the Fittest" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on Showtime.

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