Watch ‘Shameless’ Season 3, Episode 11 ‘Order Room Service’ Live Stream Online For Free; Will Fiona Cheat On Jimmy? [LIVE STREAM & SPOILERS]

By Staff Reporter March 31, 2013 4:49 PM EDT
Fiona gets flirty with her boss on a camping trip in tonight's 'Shameless.' Season 3, Episode 11 is called 'Order Room Service.' Photo: Showtime
Fiona gets flirty with her boss on a camping trip in tonight's 'Shameless.' Season 3, Episode 11 is called 'Order Room Service.' Photo: Showtime

Tonight is the penultimate episode of Shameless, and star Emmy Rossum teased that Season 3, Episode 11, "Order Room Service" is one we won't want to miss.

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Last week, in "Civil Wrongs," Jimmy broke the news to Fiona about medical school. He only has one year left, and finishing would provide a secure future for him and Fiona. However, he conveniently leaves out the part where he's married to Estefania and she'll have to come along or else. Fiona's doing great at her new job though, and finally has some stability—not to mention some major flirting with her new boss.

Will she really leave the kids and, even Frank, behind? Jimmy says she can bring them "if you want." Yeesh. Meanwhile, Kev and V find out they can finally start a family. Two months of her mother having sex with her husband have finally paid off, and a baby is on the way.

Karen is still in the hospital after Mandy ran her over in the park, and Lip is pretty shaken up. Mandy's plan is backfiring, and she's pissed that he's so preoccupied with Karen's well-being. Debbie gives him a little pep talk, and he seems like he'll stop taking Mandy for granted. That is, until he finds out she's the one who lured Karen to the park with the fake text message and then hit Karen.

She's still in a coma, and the doctors recommend doing things that Karen likes; maybe it'll help her wake up. Jody takes this as: perform oral sex on her, since she likes sex so much. And wouldn't you know it, Karen wakes up. Only on Shameless.

Ian is still upset that Mickey's marrying the Russian prostitute he knocked up. Mickey was all wrong for him anyway (old, closeted, Jimmy's dad), so hopefully he'll take Lip's advice and move on by hooking up with someone else. But who? "Someone in his twenties," Lip advises, "not some old dude like Kash or Ned."

Frank is still taking advantage of his role as a gay rights advocate, and is, of course, pitting the two sides against each other. He agrees to go in for "gay conversion," which involves having prostitutes sleep with him until he's cured. Abraham suspects what's up, though, and brings two male prostitutes to Frank's swanky hotel suite to prove that he's gay once and for all. It wouldn't be the first time Frank's hooked up with a guy for money, though. Frank is pretty Shameless, after all.

This week is Season 3, Episode 11, titled "Order Room Service." Jimmy and Fiona finally have that blowout fight we've been waiting for. Jimmy leaves his phone at home, and Fiona picks up a call about his studio apartment in Michigan. Doesn't look like he was really planning on them all moving together. This is just the trigger for some deeper issues that have been building up. Jimmy hasn't been honest with Fiona for a while—will she finally find out everything he's been hiding?

"I mean, they left it in a pretty bad place. At the end of the episode, Fiona has just made some pretty bad mistakes herself on a camping trip and gets drunk," Emmy Rossum told TV Line. "She starts to make a mistake and then realizes that she loves this guy and words are words and they have a commitment to each other. She wants to make it right. And it just shows that disconnect that their relationship has been in for so long—he's going away from her at the same time as she's coming back." Watch their fight HERE.

Rossum also said that Fiona is starting to put together the whole Estefania situation, even if she can't quite grasp it yet. "She's been buried in her own world, and he's been buried in his own world, so we've seen that disconnect only deepening between them," she said. "She will, in the 12th episode, start to understand something of what's been happening. She and Beto, who's been following [Jimmy], actually meet each other."

In Season 3, Episode 11, Fiona takes the kids on the aforementioned camping trip. Carl sneaks Frank in the Gallagher van. He's pretty much homeless now—looks like he lost his hotel suite. Estefania's father isn't happy that Jimmy has been neglecting his daughter, and tells him she's been picked up by immigration.

Check out Showtime's sneak peek for Season 3, Episode 11:

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