Fergie Pregnant: New Baby Info From Dad Josh Duhamel! [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Rachel Levine March 21, 2013 2:06 PM EDT
Fergie and Duhamel are so excited about being pregnant! (Photo: Getty Images)
Fergie and Duhamel are so excited about being pregnant! (Photo: Getty Images)

Fergie is pregnant and now there's new baby info straight from dad Josh Duhamel.

Duhamel, who is hosting this weekend's Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, opened up about wife Fergie's pregnancy to E! News. "It's something that we've wanted for a very long time," the new dad said. "This was just the right time for us."

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Fergie being pregnant is the "most amazing experience," Duhamel said. "She's handling it beautifully and we're both just over the moon about it."

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Fergie also shared her own info about her pregnancy this morning on GMA. "We're thrilled. I know that my husband told everybody what I said. My quote when we found out -- 'This [blank] just got real.' But it's true, when that moment occurs to you, there's going to be a human being growing inside of you . . . it's reality. It's amazing, we're thrilled."

Although Fergie and Duhamel are both thrilled about being pregnant, the Black Eyed Peas singer confessed that she "had no idea" what she's doing. "I'm just going to play it by ear," Fergie said. "And see how things go, and let the natural instincts kick in."

Fergie admitted that she had a "little bit" of morning sickness early in her pregnancy, but now she is "feeling great."

Fergie also said that she was using acupuncture to get through the sickness, "[it] really helps with that [morning sickness]," Fergie admitted. "And [using] Chinese herbs."


Fergie is pregnant, but that doesn't mean the singer is giving up on music. "It always is so spastic, my writing," the My Humps singer said on GMA. "I could have one thought and it be so weird and have nothing to do with anything that's going on in my life."

A pregnant Fergie and Duhamel in Texas. (Photo: Getty Images)
A pregnant Fergie and Duhamel in Texas. (Photo: Getty Images)

There were rumors starting to speculate that her group The Black Eyed Peas was auditioning to replace her, but those were not confirmed.

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Fergie also has new info on her line with the makeup company Wet 'n' Wild. She's developing the Perfect Pout V.I. Pink lip color. A portion of the proceeds from each lipstick that is sold will be donated to a cause near and dear to Fergie's heart, the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR).


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