Kate Hudson Is As Sexy As Ever After A Baby, But When's The Wedding To Matt Bellamy? [PHOTOS & REPORT]

By Nancy Stiles March 18, 2013 4:15 PM EDT
Kate Hudson and her fiance, British rocker Matt Bellamy have been engaged for almost two years with no wedding date in sight. Photo: Reuters
Kate Hudson and her fiance, British rocker Matt Bellamy have been engaged for almost two years with no wedding date in sight. Photo: Reuters

Kate Hudson may be a mom of two. But Matt Bellamy's fianceé is sexier than ever!

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After announcing her engagement to Matt Bellamy - Muse frontman and father of her second child, Bing - almost two years ago Hudson seems to be getting no closer to walking down the aisle, leaving fans wondering if Goldie's girl will, in fact, stay unwed long-term like her famous mom and Kurt Russell have for so many years.

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, 34, proposed to the actress in April 2011. Hudson had been wearing her engagement ring for a week when Matt Lauer asked her about it in the middle of their interview for her movie Something Borrowed, where she played a bride-to-be. "Can you place your hand in my hand for a second? I just want to see something," he said, referring to her huge engagement ring. "Is this new?"

At the time, Kate Hudson said they didn't have a date for the wedding in mind. "I think we're just going to sort of sit into the baby thing for a little while and kind of figure out one at a time." Their baby boy Bing was born a few months later in July 2011. Hudson also has a 9-year-old son, Ryder, with her ex-husband Chris Robinson.

Kate Hudson recently told Glamour that she has no need to hurry up her wedding to Bellamy. "Diving in? I did that with Chris. Now I'm in a very different relationship. We look forward to the next party, whether it's next month or in five years, when we're both not so busy," she said. "I don't need to rush."

Hudson, 33, grew up watching her mom Goldie Hawn's decades-long (but wedding-free) relationship with Kurt Russell. "My mom and Kurt are 30 years together. I've seen them go through everything; they are married." Her parents, Hawn and actor Bill Hudson, were only married four years and divorced when she was less than two years old. After her own divorce in 2007, perhaps Hudson is reluctant to walk down the aisle again when Hawn and Russell never have.

"There's no prepping for a wedding," Hawn assured Us Weekly. "She's very happy. She's a great mom...and they'll get married when they're ready."

Kate Hudson at the premiere of
Kate Hudson at the premiere of "Something Borrowed" in 2011, shortly after her engagement to Matt Bellamy. Photo: Reuters

Kate Hudson met Matt Bellamy at Coachella in April 2010, while they were both backstage during a Thom Yorke set. "It was really interesting to meet somebody who had absolutely no connection to anything in my life, and vice versa," she told Harper's Bazaar last fall. Still, the lack of wedding plans remains constant: "We'll do it eventually, but I want it to be right. I don't want to just do it, you know what I mean?"

In December, she echoed her stance on the upcoming wedding to USA Today. "I think until the day we get married, the answer is going to be, 'We have no intention right now of getting married.' And then you'll find out we got married," she said. "We have an idea. It's starting to formulate but it's a timing thing. But honestly, right now, Matt is touring. Ryder is in school. I'm working,"

Despite this, speculation is rampant, with rumors that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are planning a secret wedding any minute now. Perhaps they are. Hudson said she wants to focus more on family for now, although she has several upcoming projects.

Her new movie The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a "grown up political thriller" about a Pakistani man working on Wall Street who is torn between his newfound success and his homeland; it also stars Liev Schreiber and Kiefer Sutherland. Although Hudson has been guest-starring on Glee, this is her first film in two years.

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"If someone says it's a three-month shoot, I get a little shy because of Ryder in third grade and Bing being 19 months. It's so much to juggle, so I've been doing films that are a little less time [consuming]. I'm more specific about what they are and I don't want to do work that will take me away from my kids, so I have to really love it," she said to Us Weekly in February.

"I shot Almost Famous at 20, and I got married at 21. I had Ryder at 24 so, you know, a lot happened in my 20s. I was working a lot, and there were times that were extremely tumultuous. So 30 kind of felt like 'Oh, okay.' I had a different kind of confidence."

But will that confidence translate to wedding bells for Hudson and Bellamy?

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