Royal Baby Name: Kate Middleton Reveals Crazy Name For Prince William's Child [PHOTOS & REPORT]

By iDesignTimes Reporter March 15, 2013 2:54 PM EDT
Royal Baby Name: Kate Middleton calls unborn child
Royal Baby Name: Kate Middleton calls unborn child "Little Grape"

Kate Middleton's royal baby name remains a secret, but the public got a hint recently when the couple started using a nickname for their unborn child. The royal baby name, for now, is "Our Little Grape". The royal baby name is a reference to Kate's growing baby bump.

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The real royal baby name will come in July, when the Baby of Cambridge is due to be born. Kate Middleton, meanwhile, is laying low and keeping fit and healthy. Reportedly, Kate Middleton has taken up power-walking and yoga as a means to keep fit.

Apparently, the Duchess is having cravings for decaffeinated Starbucks coffee and biscuits, cakes, chocolate and pastries. Good thing Kate Middleton is known for having a love of exercise! Reportedly, she has swapped her high-impact running regime for the gentler exercises "just to increase her heart rate a little." All seems to be well; during a recent appearance Kate announced that the royal baby was kicking!

What are potential royal baby names other than "Our Little Grape"? Well, it is rumored that Kate Middleton is going to have a girl, so that narrows down the options. Reports say that if the child is a female, the name being considered is Elizabeth Diana Carole.

The potential royal baby name is a tribute to the Queen (Elizabeth), William's mother (Diana), and Kate's mother (Carole). The rumors that the child will be a daughter came after Kate Middleton accidentally let a clue slip at a public appearance. When visiting the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England, the Duchess accepted a teddy bear from a local, saying, "Thank you, I'll take that for my d-" and then cut herself off.

Aside from the royal baby name, Kate Middleton has been doing a lot to prepare for her new addition. Now that Kate is over the terrible morning sickness that prompted a hospital visit in early December, she is proudly showing off her baby bump. Kate Middleton and Prince William are renovating their new apartment at Kensington Palace in anticipation.

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