Harry Styles Groin Incident: Taylor Swift's Ex Embarrassed At Performance In Glasgow, Scotland [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

By Staff Reporter February 27, 2013 1:01 PM EST
Harry Styles (Photo: Reuters)
Harry Styles (Photo: Reuters)

Taylor Swift's ex Harry Styles had a rather painful experience on Tuesday in Glasgow, Scotland.

After getting hit in the groin during a show, the story about Taylor's ex went viral, causing the One Direction singer even more embarrassment after his recent split from the country crooner.

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Harry and the other members of One Direction were in the middle of performing when a flying object pummelled the singer. The curious Harry went over to investigate what the fan could have thrown.

Was it a bra thrown out by an obsessive fan? Or was it another Justine Bieber cell phone fiasco? No, this time it was a shoe.

Harry was just as surprised as we were as he held the shoe in the air for all to see. However, the vulnerable Harry wasn't expecting another One Direction fan to take off their kick and chuck it at the singer. This time Harry wasn't so lucky as the shoe hit him right in his groin.

As if it was a movie, Harry doubled over in pain and slowly tipped over on his side falling to the stage. The 19-year-old singer cupped his package unable to speak for what seemed like the longest seconds of anyone's life.

"Man down," Harry's One Direction bandmates said as they went over to check on the ex-boyfriend of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards (Credit: Reuters)
Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards (Photo: Reuters)

"Well, he has just been assaulted," Liam Payne could be heard saying.

You could see the commotion of security trying to find the shoe-throwing perpetrator, but Harry eventually got up and made light of the shoepocalyspe.

Harry began doing lunges on stage to get his gear in shape to sing another song. What a trooper he is!

We can't help but wonder if perhaps Taylor is missing a shoe though. The nickname "Chuck Taylor" would fit her perfectly, don't you think?

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