Miley Cyrus Drug Photos: See The Infamous Weed Pic [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

By iDesignTimes Reporter February 18, 2013 5:16 PM EST

Miley Cyrus drug photos have surfaced from the depths of the Internet.

A Miley Cyrus drug photo has emerged showing Miley Cyrus cuddling with puppy Bean. However, the cute factor is quickly removed when you see what else is featured in the photo - marijuana - hinting at a new Miley Cyrus drug photo.

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Seen on the table at which Miley Cyrus sits, the herb almost blends in with the wood grain. But there it is, situated right next to a weed grinder. Does this Miley Cyrus drug photo tell us that she's smoking up while writing new music?

No smoking is actually seen in the Miley Cyrus drug photo, but if there's ground weed in front of her, this Miley Cyrus drug photo may be hinting at something that went down after the photo was taken.


This photo may confirm what Perez Hilton knew months ago. The gossip site reported that Miley Cyrus drug photos were not too far ahead when they caught wind that the singer was partying hard with drugs and alcohol in Philadelphia.

An insider told Perez Hilton that Miley had been getting flirtatious with a recording studio intern while in Philly. He even reportedly got the boot from the Miley Cyrus project for his emotional attachment.

Miley Cyrus drug photos and other news have been surrounded by controversy lately. When she got engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, the public lashed out at the star, saying she was too young to be engaged at only 19. At the time, she said: "Liam and I have a really good relationship... Neither of us is super-jealous. We know each other and would never do anything to hurt each other."

But these Miley Cyrus drug photos tell a different story.

Miley Cyrus drug photos: The singer recently covered Billy Idol's
Miley Cyrus drug photos: The singer recently covered Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell". Is she getting too rebellious for her own good? (Image: Reuters)

Apparently, she smoked a lot of weed and let loose - sans her hunky fiance Liam Hemsworth (wonder how he would feel about the new Miley Cyrus drug photos). One time, while out dancing, the subject of Miley Cyrus drug photos even allegedly "was b*tching about Liam and said things like 'Yeah, I'm engaged but why knows how long THAT will last!'" Oh, Miley. We hope you don't mean that.

At one point during a drunken night out, the starlet reportedly dug through her purse, laughing about how she couldn't find her engagement ring.

This isn't the first time Miley Cyrus drug photos have made headlines. Most notably though, was a video that showed Miley Cyrus smoking a bong and laughing hysterically. In an interview with Marie Claire, she said "I'm not perfect... I made a mistake... I'm disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans."

It wasn't the simple act of smoking salvia that had Miley Cyrus regretting the bong hits. It was her fans. When prompted by the interviewer that college kids everywhere are smoking bongs, she replied, "...They're not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for."

However, the new Miley Cyrus drug photos seem to contradict this statement. The origin of the photo is unknown, but we are hoping this is a misunderstanding. If Miley Cyrus drug photos prove that she continues to smoke despite claiming that she made a "bad decision" the first time, then her public image may just go up in smoke.

Young stars like Miley Cyrus' drug photos have been abundant lately.

Just this month, Justin Beiber was spotted holding a blunt and TMZ released the photos.

It was the second time that Justin Beiber had been caught with weed. The act is technically not illegal, since weed has been legalized in California with a prescription. However, the attention has turned towards allegations of being a poor role model for his fan base, the majority of which are impressionable young people.

Hopefully young stars like Miley Cyrus drug photos will become a thing of the past. After all, when one is a public figure they should take precaution when participating in such divisive behavior.


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