Amanda Bynes is in Crisis, Leaving Friends and Fans Wondering Who's to Blame

By Stephanie Smith-Strickland September 22, 2012 2:25 PM EDT
Amanda Bynes

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Amanda Bynes is having a difficult week. Sources say the retired actress has been dropped by her agent, publicist, and entertainment lawyer. After a string of odd incidents that ended in a DUI charge, people in her life are questioning whether the former actress is a risk worth taking.

Now friends and fans are left debating what went wrong. For almost ten years she was successful and, by most accounts, stable. 

Within the last two weeks, Amanda's parents hastily uprooted themselves from Texas to California in order to help. But nothing seems to be making a difference. So what happened?

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Amanda, now 26, started out as one of the main cast members of Nickelodeon's comedy All That. Her comedic timing and energy were undeniable, and she soon nabbed a starring role on the The Amanda Show, a spinoff of All That.

Between constant slapstick humor and Amanda's infectious upbeat attitude ratings soared. She played multiple characters - including an obsessed stalker named Penelope Taynt and Judge Judy parody - but she never cracked under the workload. Her personality seemed to be mature and calm.

After a three-season run The Amanda Show was abruptly canceled, but the actress bounced back with another starring role on the TV series What I Like About You. Then, in 2003, Amanda made a leap to the silver screen with blockbusters like Hairspray and Easy A. Even between show cancellations and a strenuous schedule, she seemed to be stable and happy.

In June 2010 Amanda shocked fans when she took to Twitter to announce she was retiring from acting at age 24. She tweeted that she didn't think acting was fun anymore. Yet she still didn't seem troubled or depressed.

She continued to post a series of personal tweets that caused many to link her to hip-hop artist Kid Cudi. Aside from a few raised eyebrows at the odd pairing, nothing seemed unusual or out of sorts.

Now friends are panicked that her family isn't doing enough. But at 26 who's to blame?

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