Alec Baldwin Rumors: Why Hilaria Thomas Has More Than One Trick Up Her Sleeve [PHOTOS]

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter January 30, 2013 7:53 PM EST
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the SAG Awards
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the SAG Awards

Is she or isn't she? Alec Baldwin rumors have been swirling since the end of his much-loved show "30 Rock" was announced. At the top of the rumor mill? Reports that his new wife, Hilaria Thomas, is pregnant with his child.

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After a number of over-the-top moves, Alec Baldwin rarely shocks. But when he started dating a relatively unknown, 27-year-old yoga instructor even the brash "30 Rock" actor managed to turn a few heads. A 26-year age difference is always fodder for gossip magazines - even in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the Kennedy Center Honors
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the Kennedy Center Honors

After splitting from his ex-wife Kim Basinger, Baldwin publicly misstepped - most notably when he left a threatening cell-phone message for his 12-year-old daughter. At the time, Baldwin was skewered in the press, with Basinger's publicist saying: "The voicemail speaks for itself."

Yet five years later, Baldwin is a whole lot calmer - and much of that seems to be due to Thomas. "The moment before I saw him [at a raw-food restaurant in Manhattan] I said to my girlfriends, 'Universe, I have an announcement to make. I'm ready to meet someone and fall in love,'" Thomas told The Daily Beast. "He just kept looking at me, and I finally walked over to his table. He took my hand and said, 'I must know you. I must know you.'"

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the "Rise of the Guardians" screening

Ever since, Thomas has been surprising industry insiders - but not for the reason one would think. The news is that there is no news. Thomas is poised, polite and polished. This is no ditz, or at least she doesn't act like it. "She's really lovely," a source told iFashionTimes over the summer. "They are truly happy."

Now Thomas is uniquely positioned to become red-carpet royalty. Whether Thomas is pregnant or not, she has a perfect figure for gowns (not too thin or too curvy), and she has that same sultry Spanish air that Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek have perfected over the years.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the Emmy Awards
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas at the Emmy Awards

So what styles should the brunette bombshell gravitate towards if she wants to make a subtle yet sophisticated impact? 

Here are our five tips for ruling the red carpet as an award-show newcomer:

Stick With Solids

Prints and patterns can look beautiful in person, but on a crowded carpet they can look wishy-washy and indecisive. Bold, solid hues - like the burgundy Donna Karan number Penelope Cruz chose for the 2010 Oscars - read sexy but serious.

Go for Brights

Jet-black hair and olive skin look amazing against bright hues. Just ask Catherine Zeta Jones. The raven-haired beauty received much attention at the beginning of her career when she chose colors like scarlet and emerald.

Keep it Classy

Anything too short, tight or revealing will immediately get the new Mrs. Baldwin noticed - but not in the right way. Strapless dresses should fall high enough that Thomas isn't overly exposed, and hemlines shouldn't go more than a foot above the knee. Armie Hammer's wife has perfected the art of being the classy wife. Thomas should scan photos of Hammer's wife Elizabeth Chambers for ideas.

Nix the Glitz

Coco Chanel famously said: "Always remove one thing before you leave the house." We agree. Fans will expect the new bride to be dripping in jewels. Why not surprise them by only choosing one statement piece - a necklace, cuff or earrings? Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone are masters of the less-is-more look.

Carve Out Relationships

A-listers who rule the red carpet don't wear a million different designers. They learn which styles are best for their figures. Then they create a signature look with the dresses of a few designers they know they can rely on. Safe-but-elegant choices for newcomers are Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Marchesa.

Happy shopping, Hilaria!

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