Anne Hathaway Naked Photos: 5 Ways To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions [NSFW]

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter December 13, 2012 2:52 PM EST
Anne Hathaway's slit was just a bit too high at the "Les Miserables" premiere in New York this week.

Anne Hathaway's slit was just a bit too high at the "Les Miserables" premiere in New York this week. (Photo: Reuters)

Anne Hathaway gave fans a much bigger peak than she planned when the thigh-high slit on her Tom-Ford tie-me-up, bondage ensemble inched up just enough when she exited the limo to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Hathaway, who often opts for demure, white dresses, shocked fans when she turned up in a black taffeta cape-back gown by Tom Ford with an up-to-there slit. Paired with knee-high bondage boots, slicked-back hair and scarlet lips, the dress said: "No one's stealing the spotlight this time."

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It turns out that - we assume unintentionally - Hathaway also had a mishap that all but ensured she'd grab headlines. Though she never meant for anyone to know she was going commando with the slinky, form-fitting dress, when she stepped out of the limo the slash of fabric revealed, let's say, a bit too much.

The chorus of naysayers said "how could she" while her huge male fan base (remember her hot catsuit?) applauded and clicked... and clicked some more.

But all the while fashion designers and editors said "this could have so easily been avoided." Here's a secret, guys. Many, many women go commando for premieres and award shows because most slinky gowns show panty lines and, let's be honest, a floor-length gown is, well, long. The problem in Hathaway's case was that pesky thigh-high slit.

So we've come up with five foolproof rules for celebs to ensure they're not found out when they leave home without their panties.

1. Do not, under any circumstances, wear a dress with a thigh-high slit.

2. Make sure, in all situations, that your skirt is below your knee. (Are you listening, Britney?)

3. Consider pants. Any pants.

4. Opt for dresses that are straight and close to the body to avoid Marilyn Monroe upskirt problems.

5. Hold a newspaper or jacket in front of you when you get out of the limo.

That's it. We're done. Study these foolproof rules, and you too will not be found out next time.

You can thank us later.

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