Shania Twain's Catsuit: Who Rocked It Better? 3 More Singers

Britney, J Lo, Katy or Shania? Take your pick.

By iDesignTimes Staff December 4, 2012 11:20 AM EST
Shania Twain

Shania Twain's sexy catsuit dazzled fans on Sunday in Las Vegas. (Photo: YouTube)

Shania Twain's debuted her residency show 'Shania:Still the One' at the Colosseum at Caesar's palace in Las Vegas. She also debuted an eye-popping, form-fitting catsuit as well. And Shania Twain's catsuit is getting just as much press as her performance, maybe even more.

And if you look at the pic above, is it really a surprise?

Shania Twain's catsuit looks insanely good on the 47-year-old, who looks closer to 27 in the catsuit. Undoubtedly, the decision to showcase her assets was a deliberate one, and if the goal of Shania Twain's catsuit was to get attention then it has gone above and beyond expectations.

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The concert marked Shania Twain's return to the stage after an 8-year hiatus.

Shania Twain's catsuit was designed with a nude-colored base adorned with intersecting lines of rhinestones that contoured across every inch of Twain's body. The effect was a naked-seeming shimmering Twain that was as eye-catching as it was sexy. Shania Twain accessorized her catsuit with thigh-high leather boots, complete with heels and metal studs. A pair of black gloves with thin streamers rounded out the ensemble. Oh, and she drove on stage on a motorcycle.

Shania Twain's catsuit held her assets together, but her sense of humor was unrestricted.

"Thank you so much! You guys are going to get me all emotional, and then my eyelashes are going to fall off!" she told fans Sunday night.

But Shania Twain's catsuit isn't the first time we've seen a singer go nearly-nude for a performance. Take a look at the three most famous bodysuits incidents and give us your vote for the sexiest singer in the comments:

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