'iPhone 6' Release Date 2013: Features, Rumors And Everything We Know About The Redesigned iPhone

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter November 26, 2012 8:37 PM EST
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iPhone 6 release date rumors: Redesigned smartphone could hit stores by summer 2013. (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

The iPhone 6 (or possibly iPhone 5S) release date is already beginning to generate buzz even though the iPhone 5 was released just a few months ago. Recent rumors suggested the iPhone 6 release date could arrive in early 2013, but according to GottaBeMobile.com we shouldn't expect to see the redesigned iPhone until Summer 2013 at the earliest.

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Last week DigiTimes posted an article revealing that the redesigned iPhone 6 could hit stores earlier than expected. The article sourced Asian companies that supply Apple with iPhone parts. However, DigiTimes has an extremely hit-and-miss track record regarding Apple release dates, so a Spring release date for the iPhone 6 seems unlikely.

That doesn't mean we won't see an iPhone 6 launch this summer. GottaBeMobile notes that Apple has released previous iPhone models over the summer, and if not then than by fall 2013:

Don't expect the iPhone [6] to arrive in any other release windows besides those though. That's because the new iPhone always comes with the new version of iOS and iOS 7 likely won't be announced until WWDC. It's possible that Apple's March event could revolve around iOS 7 but a more likely candidate is WWDC which Apple has used to showcase its new software for many years.

Don't forget that before the iPhone 6 comes out Apple will need to release a redesigned version of their iOS mobile operating system. Considering some of the most obvious faults found in iOS 6 (most notably Apple Maps), we expect iOS 7 to feature some sorely needed changes and updates.

"Given the iPhone 5′s popularity and the time that Apple needs to develop a new operating system, don't expect the iPhone [6] before summer," Adam Mills writes for GottaBeMobile.

Apple generally offers only minor, incremental updates to the iPhone with each new design. The iPhone 4S featured some minor upgrades ad most notably the introduction of Siri. Then the iPhone 5 brought a larger screen, 4G LTE, a thinner body and not much else.

It's unclear what to expect from the iPhone 6, though at the very least we expect even more 4G LTE cellular coverage; since both Sprint and AT&T weren't able to provide the same coverage as Verizon at the iPhone 5 release date. We also expect an improved camera and redesigned processor chip.

Regarding price, expect the iPhone 6 to stick to Apple's classic $199 with a contract price point for the 16GB model, which has proved extremely successful in the past. As usual, the 32GB iPhone 6 will cost $299 and the 64GB model should cost $399.

Apple has refrained from commenting on any iPhone 6 rumors, refusing to name the seventh-generation iPhone or even confirm that it is already being developed and designed. We'll continue to chase iPhone 6 release date and features rumors as develop.

In the meantime check out this iPhone 6 concept design video by JakeDayWilliams:

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