Xbox 720 Specs: Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Gaming?

By Jacob Kleinman October 2, 2012 6:56 PM EDT
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The Xbox Release Date Could Bring Augmented Reality Into Your Living Room (Photo: via

A leaked document from Microsoft may have revealed the Xbox 720 release date, price and augmented reality gaming with Kinect glasses.

Ever since Microsoft's disappointing E3 presentation, video game consumers have been waiting for information about the follow up to the Xbox 360. The new product will likely be called the Xbox 720, according to a 56-page document that details the company's plan for their next generation console.

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The document, which first appeared on gaming forum, presents a roadmap for Xbox's next few years, up to 2015. It discusses in detail the Xbox 720, discussing a move towards cloud-based gaming as well as "Fortazela Glass" intended for 3D augmented reality gaming.

The document also notes that the Xbox 720 could cost $299 and hit stores in 2013. The Xbox 720 will apparently feature Blu-ray support, 3D output with special glasses. Microsoft also debates the Xbox 720 engine design:

Microsoft appears to have been debating whether to use six or eight ARM or x86 cores clocked at 2GHz each with 4GB of DDR4 memory alongside three PPC cores clocked at 3.2GHz each for backwards compatibility with existing Xbox 360 titles. (via TheVerge).

Microsoft is predicting a 10-year life-cycle for its next console, projecting 100 million units will be purchased. The company hopes that the new console can become the only device you need in your living room (besides a TV of course).

The document discusses a new project, "Fortaleza" Kinect Glasses, in detail, suggesting Microsoft is already working to develop this augmented reality gaming technology. The Kinect Glasses are marked for release in 2014 and described as a "breakthrough heads up and hands-free device." Microsoft doesn't describe Fortaleza in detail, but sketches within the document depict a lightweight device that can be worn away from the system; one image is titled "Revolution in Mobile," and dated for 2015.

Since the leak, Microsoft has scrubbed the internet of their roadmap document. In a statement to Eurogamer, Microsoft stated, "we understand there is great interest and anticipation for what comes next for Xbox and we are lucky to have customers who are so passionate about the platform."

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