iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak: Get The Most Out Of The Redesigned iPhone 5 OS And Bring Back Google Maps!

By iDesignTimes Staff Reporter September 27, 2012 4:08 PM EDT
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Jailbreak your iPhone 5 and other iOS 6 devices with SafeRa1n. (Photo: via SafeRa1n)

There's plenty to love about the iPhone 5, but Apple's iOS is notoriously restricting. That's why hackers invented jailbreaking, which opens up your iPhone's potential and lets you access tons of apps that Apple rejected. With iOS 6 there's an added reason to jailbreak your iPhone now that Google Maps and YouTube are no longer native apps.

Options for jailbreaking iOS 6 have been scarce in the weeks since its release, but according to SafeRa1n, an updated version of their jailbreak code was released earlier today. Now you can jailbreak your iPhone 5 or iOS enabled older iPhones (no older than 3GS) and iPads (no older than iPad 2) and gain access to all your favorite unapproved apps.

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The new SafeRa1n jailbreak software lets iOS 6 Apple devices to install Cydia applications. Cydia, a third-party installer application was developed by Jay Freeman (AKA Saurik). The interface is designed to look similar to Apple official app store, but opens up a realm of new possibilities for free or a small fee. The program to initially jailbreak your iOS 6 device costs $24.99.

SafeRa1n boasts a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on their website and promises that," No technical knowledge is required to use and understand our software, it only takes a few minutes to use it and we are always here to help you 24/7 if you need help."

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Update: According to there is no working Jailbreak software currently available. We cannot guarantee the validity of SafeRa1n's product.

If all you want is Google Maps back then check out this video, posted to YouTube by hacker Ryan Petrich. The video tutorial shows you how to get Google Maps on an iOS 6 enabled iPhone 3GS, though Petrich admits the hack is "still crashy" and makes no promises it will work on an iPhone 5.

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