Awesome or Stupid? How Does This Crazy Bike Even Work? [VIDEO]

By Jacob Kleinman September 21, 2012 4:40 PM EDT
FLIZ crazy bike no seat pedals

The FLIZ bike in action. (Photo: via

Bicycles have pretty much worked the same way for over a hundred years, and we love them the way they are. Now a German design duo are trying to completely reinvent the bike, and it looks like they're main influence may be Fred Flinstone's car.

The FLIZ doesn't have a seat or pedals. Instead, the rider straps into a harness and hangs from the bike while attempting to build up speed using his own two legs. The rider builds momentum by running and then cruises by resting his feet by the rear wheel.

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"The prior aim of developing Fliz was to bring a completely new driving experience to everyone," creators Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter write online.

The designers recognize that the FLIZ could be dangerous if used on a hilly terrain. They see their creation providing an alternative way to get around cities.

"We created a velocipede concept of healthy, ecological mobility in overcrowded urban space," Hambrock and Spetter write.

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According to Hambrock and Speer the FITZ is inspired by he earliest bike design, called the "Laufrad." This early prototype was later replaced with the bike design we all a velocipede that predates the version of the bicycle we are all so familiar with today. The name comes from the German word "flitzen," meaning whiz, dash or hightail it.

There's no word on when the FLIZ might be available for purchase by the public, but the desiges have entered the piece for consideration for the annual James Dyson Award for student design. The winner receives a £10,000 prize, as well as another £10,000 to be donated to their school.

The FLIZ bike is free polls 

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