iOS 6 Maps Problems: How To Deal With Apple’s Terribly Designed App

By iDesignTimes Staff Reporter September 20, 2012 3:39 PM EDT
iOS 6 Maps review problems

iOS 6 Apple Maps app shows us the Hoover Dam.... (Photo: via http://theamazingios6maps.)

If you upgraded your iPhone to iOS 6 yesterday when Apple made its new mobile operating system available there's a pretty good chance you're regretting your decision all thanks to two words: Apple Maps.

In this article we'll highlight some of the most popular complaints regarding the new Maps app, and then tell you how you can avoid using Apple's terrible new Mapping service.

Apple's iOS 6 comes with a lot of great updates, from big improvement like a new notification center with a lot of new uses and a much-enhanced Siri to the little things like several dozen beautiful new "emoji" (cute little pictures for texting). One unfortunate change, however, was Apple's decision to switch out their integrated Google Maps app for a brand new in-house Maps service.

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Now we all knew Apple's Maps app would have some initial bugs, and the company also revealed early on that the service would initially only offer driving directions (no public transit or biking directions). In return, Apple offered up a 3-D "Flyover" mode for navigating through, or simply admiring, cities. Just a day after the first iPhone uses installed iOS 6 the internet has been flooded by reports that Apple Maps is completely unusable. There's even a Tumblr blog devoted to Apple Maps "fails."

The BBC reported that consumers and businesses alike are already complaining about the new Maps app, which reportedly does not recognize a number of towns in England and misplaced several others.

One Denver-based business owner blogged that the new app could be a serious problem for other businesses that depended on referrals from Google Maps. His main complaint is that the Apple Maps search function simply scans though a list of local business names, so a search for "iPhone repair" only turns up businesses with those words in their name, rather than every company providing hat service.

"This is incredibly different from using Google Maps," he wrote. "It's a tremendous step backwards and something that cripples iOS for Apple's customers.... All of the work I've put into our local recognition is completely gone because I focused so keenly on Google Places."

So what's the solution? Well, Google Maps is gone, and she ain't coming back thanks to Apple increasingly icy relationship with Google. If you need a Google Maps app in your life you're only choice is to switch to the dark side (Android). Another easier but less satisfying solution is to bookmark the Google Maps internet browser page onto your home-screen. Do this by going to Then click on the "share" button and select "Add to Home Screen." A brand new Google Maps app will show up on your home-screen.

If you want a real Maps app for your iPhone there are several decent options:

-Garmin StreetPilot is a pretty amazing app that's about to get a big new iOS upgrade. This app isn't cheap ($39.99), but it offers spoken turn-by-turn directions for walking, public transportation and driving. It's also has a "street view" setting and uses Google's local search.

-If you're in need of subway, train or bus directions Hopstop is the app for you. This free app offers directions in pretty much any American city, and features full transit maps for Boston, Chicago, DC, London, NYC and SF.

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