iOS 6 Features: Siri Gets An Upgrade, Get The Most Out Of The Redesigned Electronic Assistant

By iDesignTimes Staff Reported September 18, 2012 3:53 PM EDT
iOS 6 release date features siri improvements upgrades

The new Siri on iOS 6 can check movie show-times. (Photo: via

Tomorrow, Apple will release iOS 6 on the iPhone app store and just a few days later the first iPhone 5 pre-orders will ship out. iOS 6 boasts a new and improved Siri that can do a lot more than the original version Apple introduced with the iPhone 4S. Here's our guide how to get the most out of Siri once iS 6 is released:

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Find information about your contacts:

Siri can now retrieve detailed information about anyone who's number is saved in your phone. Ask Siri for friends address, phone number, birthday, email address or physical address and Siri will tell you, as long as the two of you are already connected.

Siri can launch apps:

The new Siri can open a number of apps on voice command, including photos and video.

Schedule your calendar:

Tell Siri to set a meeting for 9 am tomorrow or even next month and she'll remind you later. You can also specify who else will be at the meeting and what the subject and location will be.

Siri can also edit your calendar via voice command, changing the time, date or who will be there.

Check your calendar:

Ask Siri "What does the rest of my day look like?" and you'll receive an overview of your schedule. You can also about any upcoming day, or get specific and ask when your next meeting or appointment is.

Set and manage your alarms:

One of my favorite uses for Siri, use voice commands to set your morning alarm. Just tell Siri to "set an alarm" or "wake me up" and a specific time. You can also change your alarm or delete it.

Siri tells time around the world:

Siri can tell you what time it is anywhere in the world. She can also tell you what the date is today or on an upcoming day (ex: What's the date this Sunday?")

Control the timer:

You can tell Siri to set, reset, pause ad stop the iPhone's timer.

Send Email:

You can launch email via Siri and even dictate an email. Apple claims you can even give Siri an order like "Email Mr. Smith and say I got the forms" and she'll do it for you.

You can also ask Siri to check to see if you've received any new messages, or even pull up an old message. Siri can even respond to emails through voice dictation, or by launching a phone call to the person who emailed you.

Launch FaceTime:

Siri can launch FaceTime video calls for you via voice command.

Update Facebook:

The new Siri is Facebook integrated and can post updates to your wall or your friends' walls for you.


Dictate Twitter updates to Siri, including locations and hashtags.

Locate your friends:

We assume this is the kind of thing you have to specifically activate. Apple claims that Siri can tell your where your friends and family are at any time. You can even ask Siri to let you know when someone leaves their current location.

Lockscreen uses:

Activate Siri without ever unlocking your iPhone. Siri can tell you if you have any new messages or read notifications to you before from your lock screen.

Control Maps:

Siri works together with Apple's new Maps service to pull up whatever map you ask for.

Find Services:

Also through Maps, Siri can locate whatever you need, from coffee to the nearest gas station.

Navigation Aide:

Siri will pull up driving directions for you (walking, subway and bike directions coming later, hopefully) and also provides vocal turn-by-turn directions for a safe driving experience.

Send Messages:

Use Siri to message your friends, letting them know you're on your way, running late or anything else you want to say. Just say it and Siri will do the rest. Siri can also respond to message for you though voice dictation.

Find Movie Information:

Siri can tell you what movies and playing, pull up showtimes and help you buy tickets. Siri can also show you movie reviews.

Make Reservations:

Siri can make restaurant reservations for you and also pull up restaurant reviews.

Find Sports Scores:

Siri can show you updates on all your favorite sports teams. She can also show you each team's schedule as well as stats for teams or individual players.

Check Stocks:

Siri can check on any stock for you. Or just as Siri "How are the markets doing?"

Check The Weather:

Siri can tell you the weather today, tomorrow or the week's forecast around the world.

Learn specific Siri voice commands over at The Verge.

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