iPhone 5 EarPods Review: 3 Cheaper, Well-Designed Earbuds

By iDesignTimes Staff Reported September 17, 2012 6:28 PM EDT

Say hello to the EarPods. Along with the iPhone 5 and several other redesigned iPods, Apple used its special event last week to introduce its new earbuds. Apple has also released a promo video starring the company's design chief, Sir Jony Ive.

The EarPods are impressive, there's no denying that. On the outside they look sleek and futuristic, a welcome redesign form Apple tired old earbuds, which have come to represent the company just as much as the iPod or iPhone. Inside the new EarPods, Apple has totally redesigned the speaker system, adding a secondary speaker for the bass and directing the sound waves straight into your ear canal so that no noise escapes and bothers surrounding people. The EarPods come free with the iPhone 5 and cost $30 to purchase seperately.

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But before you head out and buy a shiny new pair of EarPods, check out our list of three great earphones that are cheaper without sacrificing quality:

1) MEElectronics Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating: As low as $16.95

These sleek, sound-isolating earphones are cheap with solid sound and a durable construction. However, like Apple's earbuds, these earphones can become uncomfortable after extended use. Considering their low price, however, these earphones can't be beat. By them from Amazon, starting at $19.34, or search around online for a better price.

2) Skull Candy Riot Earphones: Around $15

Skullcandy sells headphones of all different shapes, sizes and prices, but these colorful earphones may be their best deal. They feature 11mm drivers (which is significantly above the average for this price range) and also come with three different sized gel caps so you'll have the perfect fit for your ear.

3) Altec Lansing Muzx MHP136: Around $20

These are probably the cheaper earphones on the market to feature wood housing, which naturally improves sound quality by creating an acoustic chamber. This effect is achieved by using wood specially chosen due to its sonic qualities. These earphones are also light and durable, making them perfect for everyday use.

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