iPhone 5 Features: Pros And Cons Of The New YouTube iOS App, Designed By Google

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter September 11, 2012 4:07 PM EDT
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Google's redesigned YouTube app was released earlier today. (Photo: via Goole)

Last month, Apple announced that the iPhone 5 would be the company's first smartphone to come without the integrated YouTube app. At the time we rejoiced, arguing that Apple's YouTube app was outdated and that Google would be sure to release their own improved YouTube app for the iPhone 5. Today the new free YouTube app hit the iPhone market. Here's our breakdown of the pros and cons of the new YouTube app.

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Before getting into the pros of Google new iOS YouTube app, it's important to touch on what was wrong with Apple's version. First off, Apple engineers designed the YouTube app (based on Google's instructions) last decade, making few upgrades to the app as the iPhone went through a handful of notable upgrades and redesigns. Even worse, Apple's YouTube app featured a limited selection of videos, meaning that using the apps search function was often infuriating and disappointing. Now on to Google redesigned YouTube app.

The redesigned YouTube app is sleek and vibrant. You can easily browse through different YouTube channels by swiping and access tens of thousands of new videos (including the entire Vevo library of music videos). You can also immediately share whatever your video you're watching via Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Essentially, Google's redesigned YouTube app is the iOS version of the slick Android YouTube app.


One word: advertisements (and lots of them). The reason Apple's YouTube app had such a limited selection of videos was their strict ban on any advertising within the app, making it difficult to access any copyrighted content. So while the inclusion of ads in the new iOS YouTube app may mean an added annoyance, it also means access to more video content than ever before.

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