Awesome or Stupid? iTypewriter = iPad + Typewriter

September 6, 2012 6:06 PM EDT

iTypewriter (Photo: Youtube screenshot)

Industrial designer Austin Yang recently unveiled the iTypewriter, a functioning typewriter iPad attachment that strikes hammers against the tablet's (hopefully) resilient screen, rather than a sheet of paper. Seriously though, don't type to fast or you may just send one of the hammers straight through your iPad's Gorilla Glass screen.

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According to Yang, the iTypewriter represents his obsession with "renovating" vintage techology for modern use. He's also working on similar designs using a turntable and telephone.

If you're imagining Yang building the iTypewriter alone in his studio you've got the wrong idea. After creating a 3D model, Yang sent his design to a prototyping factory in Taiwan where they spent a month tweaking the design. The gadget displayed in the video below is actually Yang's fourth prototype.

Yang himself admits that the invention does not solve any design problems, although it's probably easier to use the iTypewriter than the iPad's infuriating digital keyboard. Either way, we're sure Yang's creation will take off once it finds that sweet consumer spot where Apple and vintage geeks meet.

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