iPhone 5 Features, Apps: Why Apple Ditching YouTube and Google Maps Is A Good Thing


By iDesign Times Staff Reporter August 16, 2012 3:30 PM EDT
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Exclusive photos of the iOS 6 in-house Map app from BGR. (Photo: BGR.com)

The expected release date for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 are rapidly approaching, and one of the biggest changes to Apple new smartphone software will be the removal of two notable Google apps that were integrated into all previous iPhones: YouTube and Google Maps. Don't mourn the loss though, Apple and Google's split will likely mean an even better iPhone 5.

According to a recent survey by CouponCodes4U, the majority of iPhone users are disappointed b the news that the iPhone 5 won't include an integrated YouTube app. The survey was completed by 2,135 Americans between the ages of 18-30. Of those polled, 67 percent own an iPhone (51 percent of that number own a 4S, 39 percent own a 4 ad 8 percent own a 3GS). Over half of the iPhone owners surveyed (63 percent to be precise) said they use the pre-installed YouTube app, with 41 percent using it four times or more per week.

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All 2,135 Americans surveyed were asked their feelings regarding Apple's decision to remove the YouTube app. 55 percent replied that the news was "disappointing."

Here's why they should be excited instead: the YouTube app stinks. If you own an iPhone and recently tried to use the YouTube app, particularly the search function, you know that it's practically impossible to find what you're looking for. YouTube has become one of the easiest ways to listen to music, since pretty much every song has been posted on the video-sharing site over a dozen times, but with YouTube search I can never find the video I'm looking for. I usually have a much easier time finding the right video by simple searching through my browser app.

The decision to remove the integrated YouTube app isn't nefarious, the license simply expired, and Google has already sated that they are designing a free YouTube app that will be available through the iOS app store. This is particularly good news, considering that the current Android YouTube app is significantly better that it's iPhone counterpart.

However, the news that the iPhone 5 won't feature an integrated YouTube paints a broader picture of two tech giants increasingly viewing each other as direct rivals at odds and pulling away from past alliances. Apple may be purposefully distancing itself from relying on Google products. Earlier this summer the company announced that iOS 6 will replace Google Maps with its own in-house Map application.

Once again, this is overwhelmingly good news. Google Maps works just fine, although I've never understood why they it can't give directions while keeping track of your current location, which Android phones manage with no problem. However, Apple's upcoming Map app, which was unveiled at the World Wide Developers Concert earlier this summer, looks pretty impressive.

Apple's newly designed Maps app will include turn-by-turn directions while tracking the user's location simultaneously (see!). The upcoming app will also offer aerial views of a city's skyline with beautifully designed renderings of buildings, rivers and parks.

Apple decision to inch slightly away from its reliance on Google with the iPhone 5 is a good thing for consumers. Both Apple's in-house Maps app and Google new-and-improved free YouTube app will likely be drastic improvements over the apps we know and tolerate. So don't be disappointed, get excited!

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