Apple-Samsung Lawsuit Heats Up: Samsung Knew Consumers Were Confusing Galaxy Tab For iPad

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter August 9, 2012 1:47 PM EDT

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung continues to play out in court. Yesterday, one of Samsung's darkest secrets came out: the Korean-based company conducted studies that revealed consumers were confusing Apple's iPad with the Galaxy Tab.

The survey, which was sponsored by Samsung and completed in January 2011, revealed that tech consumers were unable to tell the iPad and its imitator apart.

Over half of consumers who recognize the Samsung sponsored TabTVC [believed to mean TV commercial] thought it was for Apple. Only 16 percent thought it was for Samsung.... Only 11 percent of consumers are aware and can link the Galaxy Tab back to Samsung while 65 percent of consumers are aware and can link the iPad back to Apple.

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The new evidence is serious trouble for Samsung, as the company has spent much of the trial so far attempting to demonstrate that there is a clear difference between the two companies' products.

The people who carried out the study reportedly told Samsung that the Galaxy brand was gaining recognition, and suggested that the company continue "to offer distinct and distinguishable Galaxy products," according to CNET.

The study was one of several that were used as evidence yesterday in the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, taking place in San Jose., California. Apple first accused Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad design for their own line of devices a year ago. Samsung quickly counter-sued that Apple had violated several of the company's patents.

The trial will continue to play out tomorrow, as both companies' corporate secrets continue to spill out onto the court's floor. This is particularl true for Apple. By suing Samsung, the notoriously secretive company has been forced to reveal a wealth of information, including early prototypes of their devices, and internal documents describing their long-term business strategy.

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