OS X Mountain Lion Bugs: Problems With Mac Software Upgrade Reported By Customers

By iDesign Times Staff Reporter July 26, 2012 5:15 PM EDT
OS X Mountain Lion Bugs, Problems, Issues, Errors

5 reasons to watch out for this Mountain Lion. (Photo: Wikimedia Creative Commons / julielangford)

Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the latest software update to the Mac operating system, yesterday, and early adopters are reporting a number of bugs, problems, issues and errors with Mountain Lion.

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Mountain Lion costs $19.99 through the Mac online store and effectively moves Apple's computer software towards a user experience similar to the popular iOS platform used on iPhone and iPad devices. This includes increased control through swiping gestures via the trackpad, a "share" button baked into the system, a Notification Center, Facebook and Twitter integration, and hundreds of other new features.

Apple's latest OS X update was met with generally positive reviews, but nothing (not even Apple) is perfect. Just like those before it, the latest software upgrade came with a number of bugs and problems that will surely be fixed with upcoming patches.

Here are five reasons it may be worth waiting while Apple's works out the kinks in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

1) It Just Doesn't Work: Early adopter Andrew Arnold was excited to test out Mountain Lion on his top-of-the-line Mac system, but he ended up with nothing but aggravation, rating the new OS X a "1 out of 5 stars."

"I purchased, downloaded, and installed the new system several times and found it lacking," he told the International Business Times. "Actually, more than lacking, and more destructive. System files lock up and are unresponsive. No, my system isn't tricked out, so I'm having to take it in for fixes. Thanks Apple! I love paying for your testing."

2) Problems Using Outlook: One early adopter, Michael Karellas reported an issue using Microsoft's popular email program.

"I upgraded to Mountain today," Karellas told IBT. "Since the upgrade, I have not been able to log into Outlook, getting an invalid password error. I can log on via the web access to my Outlook account, so I know my password is correct. I ran Office 2011 auto-update as well."

Karellas was eventually able to remedy the problem himself. If you experience the same issues check you can follow the directions here.

3) Mountain Lion Slows Down Macs: The new OS X upgrade was supposed to work on older Mac models, ranging further back than Natan Vigna's 2009, 15-inch MacBook Pro. However, the early adopted told IBT that the upgrade made his computer "painfully slow."

"The only thing I see is the beach ball of death every two to five seconds," he said, describing Apple's iconic loading icon. "I'm glad I only upgraded my toy laptop and not my real work machines that I use for work."

Vigna added that Mountain Lion had also slowed down Safari and messed up the trackpad.

"It won't click on links or does when it feels like it," he told IBT, adding that he would have liked to "keep complaining but it's taking too long to type this email as I have gotten over 15 beach balls in these five lines."

4) Dock Note Responding To Hover: A key feature on Apple computers has long been the application dock (similar to Microsoft's toolbar), which can be set to disappear offscreen until the mouse hovers in the area the dock will appear.

Early Mountain Lion adopter Liam Vasey said his 2009 MacBook Pro was experiencing display issues since installation of the new OS X.

"Nothing works on hover," he told IBT. "The dock won't appear as I hover near the bottom of the screen, right click contextual menus don't work in the finder, button and link hovers on the web (any browser) don't work, basically anything I have to hover over with my mouse won't work now."

5) Video Streaming Not Working: A number of early adopters have reported that since installing Mountain Lion they can no longer stream videos on Netflix or other other popular streaming websites.

"Since upgrading to Mountain Lion last night I can no longer use Netflix and my other media streaming sites," an early adopter calling himself Tez Manchester UK told IBT. "Keeps telling me I have no Internet connection, yet I am still able to surf the Web. Very frustrating. Also I have yet to find the other new features like the mirroring to my Apple TV."

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