Your First Pet Lamp: Bug Light, by Omer Inbar

By Jacob Kleinman July 18, 2012 2:17 PM EDT
Bug Light by Omer Inbar

(Photo: c/o Omer Inbar)

Don't like dogs? Allergic to cats? Maybe what you need is a nice pet lamp. Israeli designer Omer Inbar has created a series of insect- shaped light fixtures. Bug Light comes in three models: spider, praying mantis and ant, for $30 each. The lamps make a great gift for any bug-lover, and even come packaged in a box with cut out air holes.

iDesign talked to Inbar about his obsession with the little details of design.

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Jacob Kleinman: What was your inspiration for Bug Light?

Omer Inbar: In one of my courses at H.I.T. (the Holon Institute of Technology) in Israel, I was assigned a project to create a smart, simple and cool product. Inspired by the insect realm, I decided to combine industrial parts into the insect's natural shape. The idea of Bug Light is to create a series of adorable bugs, just like little pets.

JK: How does the design represent your general style and vision?

OI: "Less is more" is my motto. When I look at a product I search for its simplicity and pure form. I believe hard work is productive as long as it's intelligent and efficient. It's a much bigger challenge for a designer to create something simple and still maintain its effect.

For me, it's not limited to the product, but extends to an original package design. The kind of package you won't throw away is a great addition to any product. That's why I designed Bug Light's cardboard box with air holes that make you feel as if you have your own breathing pet lamp. I think that the small details can make a big difference.

JK: What is your professional background and how did you become interested in industrial design?

OI: My interest in design began in childhood. I started speaking relatively late so art was my first way of communication. Over the years I enjoyed creating new things, changing existing objects, and searching for the logic behind every form.

After my military service I looked for an interesting topic to study and discovered that the world of design allowed me to express my abilities. The process of design fascinated me from beginning to end. Combined with my love for graphic design it feels like what I want to do.

JK: How has Bug Light been received by critics and consumers?

OI: So far the reaction to Bug light is very positive. The simplicity of the product is appealing to consumers from a wide range of ages and countries. Furthermore, it's interesting to see how each insect represents a certain character and attracts different people.

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