Honking Doornob: The Doorclaxon, by Dieter Volkers

By Jacob Kleinman July 17, 2012 4:15 PM EDT
doorclaxon by Dieter Volkers

(Photo: c/o Dieter Volkers)

Opening a door is pretty much the same every time you do it, but if tinkerer Dieter Volkers has his way -- that may all change. The Dutch designer has turned a simple hand-held squeeze-horn into a door knob. Reach for the bright pink handle and you'll notice its squishy texture. Squeeze it and whoever is on the other side of the door will know you've arrived.

iDesign talked to the Netherlands-based tinkerer about his door knob-doorbell hybrid, and his whimsical approach to design.

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Jacob Kleinman: What was your inspiration for this design?

Dieter Volkers: I'm an inventor and I collect strange objects and tools which inspire me. I also have a few different types of old claxons in my collection.

JK: Do you have the Doorclaxon set up in your home?

DV: I don't have one for my own front door because I have only have three prototypes, which I present at exhibitions. Most people are excited by it. They start smiling when they sqeeze the Doorclaxon, and that's a beautiful effect.

JK: Is this a one of a kind piece or is it available for purchase?

DV: At this moment, the "Doorclaxon" is not for sale, but in the future it wil be.

JK: How does the doorclaxon represent your style and vision as a designer?

DV: I have a fascination for the combination of soft materials and hard iron tools. I use objects from my private tool collection combined with soft materials to re-design new objects for my Tools & Objects collection.
My design style consists of replacing existing objects in a new way. A new application develops in this way. I like to experiment a lot. I'll recycle the application, but not the ingredients. Another defining point of my method of work is that I build my own production and design machines.

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