Electric Prayer Mat Points The Way Towards Mecca

By Jacob Kleinman July 2, 2012 3:38 PM EDT
Electric Prayer Mat Points The Way Towards Mecca

Electric Prayer Mat Points The Way Towards Mecca (Photo: Kickstarter/SOPDS)

Designer Soner Ozenc has created a high-tech Muslim prayer mat that lights up when facing in the direction of Mecca. The product, called "EL Sajjadah" electroluminescent prayer mat, is owned by Soner Ozenc Product Design Studio (SOPDS), an international company based in London ad Atlanta, and is being currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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The thin and flexible prayer matt can be rolled up and carried in a specially designed case.

"EL Sajjadah is not only a functional/practical product," notes the Kickstarter page, "but also a unique art piece that you can hang on the wall as a night light."

EL Sajjadah works by using a built-in digital compass. The user must also manually input his current location in the world, choosing from a list of cities. The prayer mat runs on rechargeable batteries.

Soner put as much effort into the artistic design as he did into the technology.

"Green is the holy color of Islam. Black is the color of Kaaba," reads the Kickstarter page. "'Vector line art' has been implemented to achieve a contemporary approach to the patterns on a traditional prayer mat. The Mosque pattern for instance, was drawn pixel by pixel by looking at a small scale model of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul."

A prototype of EL Sajjadah has been exhibited around the world and a model was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art where it will become part of the permanent collection.

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