Revolving Bookcase Hides Second Room, Not A Hidden Passage

By Jacob Kleinman July 2, 2012 2:30 PM EDT

Inspired by old spy movies, this revolving bookcase was designed to divide a large open space into two separate rooms. The UnWaste Bookcase was built collaboratively by architect Ben Milbourne of Bild Architecture, ec-designer Leyla Acaroglu of Bild Architecture and specialist furniture designer David Waterworth of Against the Grain.

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"The three of us have very different, and complementary skill sets, which produced an outcome that is much more innovative that we could have produced independently," Milbourne told iDesign.

While Milbourne contributed to the initial design of the bookcase, particularly the rotating element and the layout of individual shelving units, Acaroglu and Waterworth worked to come up with a number of materials they could use before settling on recycled plywood. Waterworth, who had experience with the material, then led the construction and installation of the bookcases.

For Bilbourne, the project was a childhood dream come true.

"I have always wanted to design a house with hidden rooms and trap doors," he said. "This project is not quite that house, but is not a bad start."

The piece was commissioned to turn a split-level open warehouse space into two rooms while keeping the option for a larger space if needed. The designers worked to create a solution that would allow light and air to flow throughout the entire space while still creating two private sleeping and living spaces.

The end result was a of 4.6 meter high by 3.8 meter wide rotating library that can be rotated 360 degrees by simply pushing on the corner of the bookcase.

"The UnWaste Bookcase demonstrates the innovation possible through collaboration across disciplines," reads the description at Bild Architecture. "Alone, none of the collaborators would have arrived at anything like the finished project - but together, a truly innovative outcome was achieved. Proving how simple it is to find an innovative sustainable design solution that is functional, aesthetical and certainly in this case unique."

UnWaste Bookcase (c/o by TM Photo)
UnWaste Bookcase (c/o by TM Photo)

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