This coming Jan. 27 will be the return of the 11th episode of American drama series, "Suits," titled "Blowback." And as the show is nearly coming, spoilers are now emerging that Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson will be dragged into Mike Ross' mess.

In the teaser promo, the character of Patrick J Adams was seen undergoing an interrogation but denied to answer anything unless he gets his lawyer, which played by Gabriel Macht. Later, the role of Sarrah Rafferty as Donna was caught telling the Harvard graduate, "You have to get him out of there."

According to International Business Times, it has been known that Harvey is not aiming to always win, but since he was assigned to the case, he will make sure to win the case for Mike's sake and his love for him. Furthermore, the arrest of the 34-year-old lawyer seems to affect everyone at Pearson Specter Litt.

To recall, Mike was arrested "for conspiracy to commit fraud." Also, the likes of Harvey, Jessica, the role of Gina Torres, also have to be in prison for knowing he's not actually a Harvard graduate.

Mike's freedom is now under the hands of Louis Litt and the character of Rick Hoffman might actually help him in his case, CarterMatt reported. It is quite obvious that Harvey and Jessica will pay the price of Mike's actions.

He is the one guilty for committing fraud, but it's good to remember that they "enabled the process." Also, the idea of getting another lawyer for Mike in spite of being an attorney himself is quite intriguing; any good prosecutor will smell something bad about this.

Additionally, "Suits" is keeping its cast small, but they are giving each character a time to grow, which made them a sought after drama series. Also, the Feb. 3 episode, "Live to Fight," might bring the characters of Macht and Torres' to heat up.