Fans of the action-adventure "Grand Theft Auto VI" are now waiting for the next installment that will bring additional maps and new characters. Also, there are swirling rumours that "GTA" will be the first video game for the brewing PlayStation 5.

It has been said that the next sequel of the game series will be out in between 2018 and 2019, according to Crossmap Some of the hearsays said that Eva Mendes will be the voice of the first female protagonist while Ryan Gosling will give life to the male character.

Also, the leading role will be a given a different angle as it could also play as law enforcer that could have more action, destruction and damage. Reports also added that multiplayer mode is possible to have.

As it is about to happen, game developers can now do pretty much everything as they can a have supermarket, do bank robberies, enter justice halls, prison, etc. Furthermore, as "Read Dead Redemption" was well received by gamers, "GTA 6" might also have a Wild, Wild West team, although it may contradict the idea.

"Of course, at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas," Rockstar president Leslie Benzies teased their supporters. Meanwhile, as it has been said that "GTA 6" will be out in 2018 or 2019, this will be just in time for the launch of PS5 game console in 2020.

There are bunches of speculations that Rockstar will make "GTA 6" available two years from while some said it may come a little late than expected, Neurogadget reported. It was cited that it's not enough time for Sony to finish developing their next generation device.

It was also said that "GTA VI" will be out in the same year PS5 will hit the market on Nov. 2020. This is because; Rockstar will try to adapt their graphics, modes and visuals to be played in PS5.