Kylie Jenner just revealed the latest addition to her Lip Kit by Kylie Valentine collection on Instagram. The 18-year-old star looked quite unrecognizable as she introduced the new shade called Posie K by wearing it.

"Ring around the Rosie pocket full of POSIE," the star captioned the photo, according to PeopleStyle. She presented the new hue and announced its name as suggested by her follower and fan.

To recall, the girlfriend of Tyga first gave everyone a glimpse of her latest additions in a sneak peek on her Snapchat account. It was evidently seen that it will be now composed of lighter matte lipsticks.

She, too, surprised her fans by not adding her signature brown color on her collection. Additionally, Lip Kit by Kylie will officially hit the market in February and some of her patrons are now quite panicking that it might once again be sold out in minutes.

"NEED this colour in my life! Hope to not miss out like I did last time," one fan wrote. "IF I DON'T GET THIS DAMN LIP KIT," another one said as if threatening the youngest Jenner, OK! Magazine reported.

Also, some complain that it took them quite awhile to get their packaged delivered and get their hands on the lippy. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian hinted the restock of Lip Kit by Kylie on her Instagram picture.

Bustle cited that the 36-year-old mother-of-three said that she finally donned the suede-like, liquid lipstick made by Kylie. Kim Kardashian already tried out the lippies made by her sister on her app while Khloe Kardashian sported Candy K, the pinky x peach neutral shade.

Furthermore, Kourtney has been very supportive of Kylie as she said that she's already "obsessed" with her creations.  In fact, she promoted the product by saying: "Will be available very soon if you guys missed out."