As the release date of "No Man's Sky" is nearing, players could also enjoy the upcoming adventure survival video game through PlayStation VR and Xbox One. According to reports, the reason why it will be launched on a later date, June 2016 instead of 2015 because the developers are trying to launch it to be played on the forthcoming virtual reality head-mounted display.

To recall, there are a lot of rumour surrounding the supposed-to-be released of "No Mans Sky" last year. In fact, the game's trailer was seen surfacing online which led to the conclusion that it will be launched in no time.

However, fans kept waiting as the said release date didn't pursue, according to Christian Today. Furthermore, the hearsays that "No Man's Sky" can be played with PlayStation VR kept strong as the latter will also launch in Spring.

It has been said that there's a big possibility that the two could be released together. However, Sony is not confirming anything about PlayStation VR or "No Man's Sky."

Meanwhile, 'No Man's Sky' will be surely released in PS4, Game Rant reported. But, there are also swirling rumours that it can be played with Xbox One.

The director of ID@Xbox Chris Charla said that he "would love to see 'No Man's Sky' on the Xbox One" on The Inner Circle podcast. He revealed that a workaround is possible if Hello Games thinks of a Microsoft game console released.

However, the things he disclosed on the podcast quite contradicted the previously party line. Also, it has been known that the video game developer hasn't made any concrete released date for quite awhile.

Additionally, Charla explained that the "space exploration title" has a chance on Xbox One. "ID@Xbox is willing to find a middle ground with developers who would find sticking to the launch party policy difficult. When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent," he said.