Natalie Westling is known for her skater girl image and now the known skater brand chose the fashion model to be the face of their Sk8-Hi shoe silhouette. The 19-year-old star is now the brand ambassador of its 50th-anniversary campaign.

The catwalker talked about her passion, hobby, and her modeling career as she was interviewed by Vogue for her first Vans lookbook. She said that she first got interested in skating at an early age when a friendly neighbor let her play their skateboards.

"I instantly became obsessed after they were cool enough to let me hop around and fall all over theirs," she told the publication. In fact, she's too fond of her hobby she decided to have two tattoos that symbolize the sport.

Her left arm has a graffiti lettering that reads "skate" while the right one has a Vans logo, long before she got her contract. "I got it about a year ago. Vans has been such a big part of my life for so long and remained my favorite shoe through the years it was just one of those things I wanted to have done," she added.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs and Topman also have their fair share to introduce the skating culture in the modeling world, The Guardian. In fact, they, too, opt to have Westling, Cara Delevingne and Daria Werbody as their models, who are also known skaters.

"Fashion has adopted the cultural values of the skating subculture," Maude Churchill, senior editor of streetwear and fashion website Highsnobiety, said. "Now it's suddenly transferred into a mainstream way of dressing."

Furthermore, Niall Kenny, a director and lifelong skater, said the contentment of the self-sufficient skating community depends on the acceptance of the skating culture nowadays. "Not only do skaters make the clothes but the skating brands also make the videos and the adverts, so it ultimately feeds back into the skating world itself," Eirik Traavik, editor-in-chief of Dank magazine, said.