Fans of the first-person shooter game, "Halo 5: Guardians," will now have the chance to use Infinity Armor as 343 Industries teased everyone with an upcoming update. Gamers will soon enjoy the additional weapons, skins and two remixed maps as multiplayer games will be upgraded.

Unfortunately, the developer didn't divulge the exact date the update will happen, but it will surely take place this month. However, the much-awaited update fans are looking forward to is the Forge Feature.

In fact, according to Inquisitr, the "Halo 5" Forge factor has been uncovered by the "map making tool" users via glitch and oath to "take object groupings" with the most reasonable step. Hence, 343 Industries called it Forge Prefabs and will let players build, save and share their self-made constructions.

"The idea of building an amazing structure, saving it out, and placing it on different maps or sharing it with the rest of the world would be an EXTREMELY powerful tool in the hands of the Forge community," UGC Design Lead Tom French said. "A potential game changer really, I even see it opening up the possibility of a new kind of Forger, one who isn't focused on all the details of building a full level, but instead focus on building pieces that others can then grab and kitbash into their own worlds."

However, Forge Prefabs will not be part of the coming Infinity Armor update as French explained that they have to work hard for it. Meanwhile, in the blog post of Halo, community manager Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky said that the January upgrade is already on its final stage of testing.

They said that it will have two new maps for a couple of game modes. It, too, has a new legendary weapon and three armours set. Also included are new REQs, skins and other cosmetics, VG247 reported.