Fans of the epic fantasy series, "A Song of Ice and Fire," are still waiting in vain for the upcoming sixth installment, "The Winds of Winter." Supporters of the novel are still hoping that George R.R. Martin can still finish it on time on its nearing deadline in March.

Many anticipate that the forthcoming book will be released before the HBO television series, "A Game of Thrones," will launch in April. In fact, he now feels the pressure that the show is catching up on him, according to The Washington Post.

But, it has been known that the 67-year-old author is very meticulous when it comes to writing his novels. "I am aware of the TV series moving along behind me like a giant locomotive," he said in an HBO interview.

"And I know I need to lay the track more quickly, perhaps, because the locomotive is soon going to be bearing down on me," he added.  Furthermore, the screenwriter's works are quite longer than usual; "A Game of Thrones" alone has 864 pages in the paperback edition.

It is lengthier compared to "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis and it took J.K. Rowling nine years  to finish "Harry Potter" saga, which is composed of seven books. Hence, the Twitter fan site and "Game of Thrones" news source, Winter is Coming, revealed the 2014 graph again in defense of GRRM showing that he will finish "Winds of Winter" on time, Bustle reported.

The upcoming novel is expected to come out in 2017, following the chart posted on Washington Post. The table evidently showed that Martin is taking his time to perfectly write the story flow and he is very much on track compared to other fantasy novel authors.