Kylie and Kendall Jenner nailed the ultimate sister goal as they endorsed their own clothing line with Topshop. The sister squad evidently enjoyed their photo shoot as the selfie queen herself, the youngest Jenner, shared a series of photos on her Instagram and Snapchat pages.

"Shooting for our clothing lines today," the 18-year-old star captioned their picture together. "Stay tuned in the spring," she teased, according to PeopleStyle.

 shooting for our clothing lines today ❤️ stay tuned in the spring x

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Jan 15, 2016 at 9:54am PST

The girlfriend of Tyga also shared their playful acts and poses on the set with GIFs. She, too, used Snapchat to gave their followers a glimpse how her 19-year-old sister does her work. Meanwhile, Kylie got a little irritated when Kim Kardashian said that she's the reason why she got famous, Hollywood Life reported.

To recall, in a new interview, the wife of Kanye West claimed that she's the "puppet master" of their famous clan. Kylie was seen quite surprised as she was seen shaking her head and said that she's "her own woman" and she "never needed to ride on Kim's coattails."

"Kim can totally think she's the puppet master of the family all she wants. If that's what she needs to tell herself in order to feel superior to her sisters and Kris, then so be it," a source told the publication. "Just know Kylie's her own woman. Kylie's on! She's never needed to ride on Kim's coattails to make a name for herself."

"Kylie's stock is on the rise. Her career has the green light for miles," the source continued. "Kim can't handle that. Kim's trying to hold on for dear life because Kylie's got youth on her side and that's the one thing Kim can't ever get back."