It was in 2013 when "Grand Theft Auto V" was first released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and its domination continues until today as its fans are still waiting for its update. In fact, there are swirling rumours that the much-awaited Casino DLC development will be out on the first half of 2016.

The "GTA 5" upgrade would have a single player and multiplayer modes casino, reported  iDigital Times. Players can now enjoy poker, blackjack, and other gambling minigames once it comes out.

However, it was still in March 2015 when the hearsays started to emerge about the upcoming update. It has been said that it could have other games, like slots, horse race betting, roulette and even a lottery system.

Unfortunately, no one from the game developers confirmed the news yet, but the speculations have been going on for quite awhile now. In fact, just earlier week, a "GTA 5" tipster Funmw2 shared another assumption on GTA forums.

The post doesn't say much but just claimed that casino will indeed come in an SP DLC. In another thread, he said that the update will arrive in two GTA 5DLCs -- the Single Player and Multiplayer, as wrote above.

Evidently, Online Casino Reports noted Rockstar, the game developer, would create an astounding "gambling environment" by bringing virtual casino that would make players hooked with the game again. The latest addition would perfectly complete "GTA 5" as it has been known that the world of the mafia wouldn't be complete with that kind of industry.

Also, it was seen that the casino building in "GTA" has a banner that displays "Coming Soon" since it was out. If ever, the update will pursue, the upcoming development would bring gambling in HD that will resemble the real thing. And just like the real game, players won't get their cash back once they lose.